Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A few relatives

This is a picture of my great grandparents. Left to right.

Ida, (my great grandmother) full blooded Cherokee.

George, (My great grandfather) nobody is really sure how much Cherokee.

Nola, (front center) my great aunt.

Rose, (the pale looking one). She was my great uncles wife, I believe she was Irish, my great uncle, (Norman I think), was taking the picture.

Lawrence, my grandfather.

The picture was taken sometime in the late 1920s or early 30s in McLean County, Kentucky. It, (the picture) was so dark when I received it that none of the faces were visible except for Rose's

I have one other picture of George and Ida but it isn't optimized for the Internet. As far as anyone knows, these are the only surviving pictures.

If anyone is interested, I will optimize the other picture and post it also.


nanc said...

i love old sepia-type photos, warren. i have one of my paternal grandmother at the age of four (which would have been about 85+ years ago) and she looks EXACTLY like my 14 1/2 year old son. as i'm small (5'7+", 120+-#) by some standards, our son is 5'10" and fast approaching 170# - we call him a throwback to another generation. although my own father was not quite 5'4", a slight man, his brothers were and are all well over 6' tall. my worldly passions are photos and picture frames as i have collected over the years over two hundred frames - well thought out for all the photos that adorn them.

this is cooler than the other side of the pillow. i'd much rather look forward, but it is never in bad taste to look back with the right attitude.

i just received this last week an enlarged photo of my brother and i at ages four and five - black and white - probably an easter pic from 1960 or '61. brought back memories - now if i could only remember them...

beakerkin said...

Of course the local dolts will say that conservative values are not found in working people. What is the matter with people who need to talk for everyone else.

Black an white photos got more advanced later on.

The original Dog eating was done to parody PC. The person who was being parodied was more outraged over dog eating the suicide bombings. I proved my point to all except the clueless recipient.

nanc said...

i love animal eating parodies of any kind, beak. opens the doors to some wildly imaginative topics. some people will NEVER get their own hypocrisy. they do not live by the same high standards they set for everyone else.

when i've asked my mom pointed questions regarding social programs, our military and other hot topics - she emphatically agrees with all the right stands for, but would never in a million years vote that way. when b.c. got caught with his pants down in the oval office, her reply, "ALL men cheat on their wives!" i knew i'd lost her then. as G-d is my witness - i would duct tape my husband to the bed and surgically remove his manhood if i thought that way!

MissingLink said...

If anyone is interested, I will optimize the other picture and post it also.

I am interested.
Post the other one please!

F.B. Jones said...

I knew we were related!!!! Did you get your Dog recipies from them. I love old recipies!

Warren said...

EB, they were too poor to own a dog, but they did own a still!

F.B. Jones said...

Nice! My dads papie ran booze, was in the teamsters union in the 30's outside chi town. I don't think I need to say much else. I can't....

elijah said...

Great old photos, i couldnt help but notice the irish referance, maybe...just maybe, a scot in their somewhere....

Warren said...

FB, then we'll just have to say; your family was in the transportation business, mine was in manufacturing. Unfortunately, they drank the profits. Alcohol has been very unkind to my family.

Although there isn't any photo of him, Georges father, David, was busted by the revenuers and spent 6 months it the federal pen. He was a civil war veteran, (confederate), lost one leg below the kneecap from a canon round. Everyone knew him as "Peg" as in "pegleg".

My grandmother, (Lawrences wife Olma), despised, Peg. When grandpa would talk about, Peg, she would always pipe in, "That discustin ol man useta brag about goin ta jail! "


Elijah, Scot and Flemish on the other side of the family. My great grandfather, David, (the Scot David), was an immigrant to the US about 1850, (plus or Minus 5 years) fought in our civil war on the Union side. They still put a flag on his grave on veterans day.

I could put up a photo of my Scot grandfather, He was the cragyist Scotsman you'll ever see!

He taught me to "Nae trust a Campbell!"


elijah said...

LOL...you know the "language" well, boy did they butcher the kings english. "yer daft bai" my mom use to say, meaning i was nuts, which of course i was.

elijah said...

Funny thing was even when i outgrew my dad by a foot i was still scared shitless of him...I think he had his share of scraps in his neighbourhood,but that was around 15 years old.Small man with a fantastic grip,at only 130 pounds! never could outsqueeze him,
even at the age of 65!, and i was much bigger than him. So many times i remember saying OK! OK! enough...LOL!

elijah said...

One more thing...I live in what is called little italy north, two blocks from me is a very old cemetary 1800+, every name is scotch/irish...i drove past it so many times, then one day had to walk, so i took a stroll through...macdonald/maclean/ etc etc

Warren said...

My Scot grandfather was the only one that had a hint of the brogue. He was much as you describe your father, small of stature and hard as nails. There were few Scots in this area and I never met any of his family. I guess that the accent was more pronounced to someone that didn't hear it all the time although when he was angry, I heard it quite well!

For such a small area, this region has so many different accents that it is unbelievable. The one that tickles me the most is the old Dutch. I remember old man Koester talking about his sons, "Dem "explicative deleted" boyz, dey tear up an anvil wid a rubber hammer!