Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Juan Mancha de Mierda

Well, John shit stain. (btw that's what, Juan Mancha de Mierda, means)

That was your first post on my blog, and your last.

I don't suffer fools gladly and your sissy assed whining about censorship falls on deaf ears.

This blog is my property and I don't indulge psychotics in their fantasies.

BTW, we are all Zionists here and the only "head coffins" I know of are the ones where armchair Marxists park what passes for an intellect.

Rote repetition of nonsense phrases is an earmark of psychosis. (i.e. "head coffins")

Your preceding post will remain, all following posts will be deleted in their entirety as soon as I become aware of them. You have your own blog and if no one posts there, its a reflection of what you post. In other words, its because there is something wrong with 'YOU'.

I have no wish to join in your "revolution" which has resulted in the murders of 150,000,000 people and human misery such as the world has never know before.


beakerkin said...

I have to check John's site meter.
His blog had no comments but he should try his luck with 167 or Robert Lindsay.

Warren said...

Maybe they could start a team blog!

They could call it "Psychos Unite!" (subtext) You have nothing to
loose, your minds are already gone.

MissingLink said...

Oh western commies.
I'd rather deal with a Muslim (not as fanatical and far more intelligent).
Warren, thank you for the tip about stoning.
I already posted it in our News Sction.

Warren said...

You are most welcome. It fits better in your blog and most of my friends read your blog.

Such things should be posted where the readership is high.

For those that wonder what we are talking about.

Always On Watch said...

Personal message here...Beamish has put up a couple of great images. One is his original art.

Just letting you know.

I've been laughing for hours.

Esther said...

Sounds like you had a real winner posting here, Warren. What fun! Fresh meat to kick around. ;)

Warren said...

Yea Esther, a real wiener... er winner.

I'm sick of these delusional idiots!

I think Beamish has it right. When you deal with these twerps, they first must admit they're an idiot!

Consider it the first step in a twelve step program for left wing nuts!