Sunday, February 05, 2006

Palestinian "Democracy"

To those idiots that have degraded the democratic process and taken pleasure that the "Palestinians" have voted Hamas into power.

How can you be so foolish as to assume that one democratic election makes a Democracy. Once again, you must be reminded that democracy is a process and not an event!

If nothing else, this election teaches us that recalcitrant children are not fit subjects for self rule, and you, that have so vociferously advocated "Palestinian" self-rule, are actually spoilers.

You have no answers, only demands. You have no solutions, only criticism. You have no purpose in life but to degrade those that actually do something while you offer volumes of cynicism.


drummaster2001 said...

powerful words.

"...democracy is a process and not an event!"

very true. i don't know how you can say that a "nation" with one election is a democracy. there are other things involved in a democracy than just one election.

elijah said...

I must say that warren that hamas having won does spook me a little bit.

Warren said...

Those are powerful words and I wish I could take credit. Its just such an obvious answer to those that expect instant solutions to complicated problems.

It spooks me also, but I really can't say that I wasn't expecting it.

But there is an up side for Israel.

Realistically, this doesn't represent any change in what Israel faces. They have always been able to handle the "Palestinians" but international pressure has hampered their efforts.

No longer will Fatah be able to act as the "good cop" in the, good cop/bad cop, game that Fatah and Hamas have been playing in international politics.

The bad cop is the face of the Palestinians, Europeans are appalled that they have chosen a terrorist organization as a government, (In reality, there isn't any difference between Fatah and Hamas except that Hamas is more truthful about their aims.) It will be almost impossible for the Europeans to force Israel to give more concessions to a terrorist state And hard to criticize Israel for retaliating against the frequent attacks of Hamas. By international law, they will no longer be acts of terrorism but acts of war!

After the two gulf wars, the Arabs know their Armies aren't worth a crap. They aren't willing to face Israel in direct confrontation and they know that the US will back Israel.

The greatest threat in the Middle East is Iran and all the Arab countries governments stand on shaky ground from internal dissent and the machinations of Iran.

beakerkin said...

I am not surprised at all as Fatah
has taken a decent economy and wrecked it. The only thing far left about Fatah was its corruption.

Hamas will have to provide services
and the revolutionary falacy will come to be. " It is easier to blow up things then to remove the trash ". Aid should be ended yesterday

elijah said...

No disrespect intended, but I am starting to wonder if the title of your blog is gun related, eh?
you could probably shoot my eye out on the wrong side of lake ontario..LOL..
totally unrelated to your post just came to me.
Notice the canadian eh?......EH?

drummaster2001 said...


"The greatest threat in the Middle East is Iran and all the Arab countries governments stand on shaky ground from internal dissent and the machinations of Iran."

agreed. it should be noted that Iran is getting a lot of support from China and Russia- i posted this same thing on esther's blog.

Warren said...

Elijah said:
"No disrespect intended, but I am starting to wonder if the title of your blog is gun related, eh?"


Wouldn't it be more Canadian to ask what my blogs "aboot"? ;^)

Its a good thing we can't hear each others accents over the Internet. It would be a lot harder to be taken seriously!

Guns, partially.

I'll explain it this way.

When I was in the US army, I held a experts rating with an M16. My job was "Chief of Section, Fire Direction Control". My section figured the firing data for long range Howitzers. Out to about 14 miles, (about 22 kilometers).

My favorite hobby is long range shooting, pistol and rifle.

Long range, is a way of looking at life. I live for today but plan for the long range.

I have always used the screen name Longrange or Longrange1. You can tell its me because I sign my posts with my given name, Warren. Sometimes I just use my given name.

Beak, you're right, I can't see Hamas changing. But I think they have set themselves up to be smacked down good!

DM, I can't figure out what Russia has to gain. Delusions of once again being a world power? China is our enemy.

drummaster2001 said...

apparantly Russia is trying to rebuild their status, which has long gone since the days of the Cold War. i read that they want to build Iran's nuclear reactors.

Always On Watch said...

Effective and viable democracy requires an informed votership. Islam itself doesn't hold with the concept of an informed votership, but rather with what and what isn't Islamic. Big problem!

How many real choices do the voters in "Palestine" have?

Yes, democracy is a process, and as Rumsfeld said, "Democracy is messy."

MissingLink said...

It is nothing but a bad joke.
Some of people like reading the word "democracy" and believe it has been achieved at the face value.
Htler use to reapeat that the Nazi democary was superior to British for it truly represented the united voice of all Germans - even some Brits believed him.

Warren said...


Isn't it amazing how some use the word as a quasi-religious charm, a magical incantation, as if the mere muttering of the word brings happiness and freedom.

elijah said...

No disrespect on that gun related post my friend, I realized what the title of your post meant, believe me, its clear where your heart is at...if i offended you i am truly sorry.

elijah said...

I had the experience once years ago, of a shooting range, cant remember what it was 30/30 30 odd 6 ...i dont know? but it was a big bullet, oh yeah and a 22, and after so many shots the shoulder was
but it was a alot of fun.

Warren said...

Elijah, one of the problems of talking over the Internet is that you can't see facial expressions or read body language.

That's the reason I use so many smiley faces. I kid a lot and sometimes I'm just being silly.

You haven't offended me, not even once!

Lets make a deal, If you offend me I will tell you and if I offend you, tell me.

I'm very thick skinned. Quite frankly, I went back and read your posts to see what the hell you were talking about. I still don't know what I should be offended about.

If you meant the guns, any anti-gun person would label me a "gun nut". I know guns inside and out. Its an all day job just cleaning my weapons after an afternoon at the range! :^)

I'd like to get you out to the range sometime so you could get a few shots through one of These.

It shoots the big one in THIS picture.

elijah said...

You know i like to kid around, i know you well, you are very for that gun i hope it comes with a big shoulder

elijah said...

No i am not anti gun, unlike the whole city here right now, if i could legally get one i would for self protection. Illegaly, not a

Warren said...

"as for that gun i hope it comes with a big shoulder"

Shoulder pad doesn't do much good, we usually use a sand bag. :^)

elijah said...

At least...kevlar my ass

elijah said...

as in i doubt kevlar would stop a bullet from that thing!

John Brown said...

Whew! Lots of words here.

Too bad that Uncle Sam and the little Apartheid settler state are too weak to fight back.

Iran, Venezuela, and Russia control the spigot, and all Condi, Don, and Dick can do is sit around flapping their jaws.

The Hamas win means that Israel will stay in retreat until Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. They're done stealing Palestinian land. They won't get another sliver and will bleed and bleed to keep what they've already stolen.

Same thing with Iraq, too. Uncle Sam has already lost. The only question left for is whether the GI Joes cut and run or stay and die, sent home in HEAD COFFINS courtesy of the Iraqi resistance.