Friday, February 23, 2007


i know how y'all feel about jimmuh - but credit must be given where credit is due.

on october 14, 1978, jimmuh cawtuh, a somewhat former president of these disunited states, signed into law "HR1377", whereby prohibition was nipped in the red nose.

because of the lack of substance in the news we've been forced to watch other, somewhat more interesting programs out of our 120 channel cable line-up.

while watching the history channel this morning - programming included moonshining, bootlegging and a special on home brewing. this is when i found out about our aforementioned former, somewhat potus, link to homebrewing BEER!

it seems dan quayle didn't much cotton to the idea - but, hey - he cannot even spell potato, so wouldn't even know or care how to make vodka!

one must wonder if billy had anything to do with this...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


in scanning the multitudes of news sources available to us, it's amazing what's been going on in the last two weeks since "night of the living bimbo" took over the airwaves.

for instance:

perhaps cheney is in australia taking leadership lessons from p.m. howard?

students in iran do not like u.s.

david geffen put the hillbillies in their place in favor of another leftist.

and, if you think syria's not a problem, think again - it seems they want to have dialogue - chat, so to speak.

or, you may ask yourself why 50% of palis in the west bank and gaza are going hungry? guess you cannot eat weaponry bought with foreign aid...who knew?

if those don't float your boat - visit these blogs (apologies to all those whose blogs i don't mention):




or for some spiritual fare:


but, please, please do not get me started on why britney didn't slip with the clippers and cut her entire head off! if you ask me, she lost her head a very long time ago.

hat tips all around!

Monday, February 19, 2007


By Bill Wilson, KIN Senior Analyst at white house & world news:

"WASH—Feb 14—KIN-- The federal government is opening grade schools in the U.S. aimed at teaching Arabic, tolerance for Islam and cultural diversity. The Department of Education is establishing an Arabic language and culture school in New York City that will begin classes in September. According to Fox News and the New York Times, the school principal Debbie Almontaser says, "We are wholeheartedly looking to attract as many diverse students as possible, because we really want to give them the opportunity to expand their horizons and be global citizens…I also see Arab-American students who would want the opportunity to learn Arabic, to read it and write it and have a better understanding of where their ancestors have come from."

upon further investigation i found that none other than bill gates is the benefactor of this american travesty.

bill and melinda gates foundation wants "is to make sure that all people—no matter where they live—get the chance to live a healthy, productive life. Two recent articles in the Los Angeles Times have raised questions about whether we should spend time evaluating companies and shifting our investments away from the ones that get a low score on some ranking criteria. We want to make it clear why the foundation focuses on our grantmaking, rather than on such evaluations, and we want to explain Bill and Melinda’s investment philosophy.

The most important thing a foundation does is choose a limited set of issues and develop expertise in them. Bill and Melinda have identified areas in which they think our grantmaking can help solve complex, entrenched problems that affect billions of people—like the AIDS and malaria epidemics, extreme poverty, and the poor state of American high schools."


sooooooooooooo, the way to improve our schools is to teach our children arabic? i guess this wouldn't seem so ironic to me if i didn't see dhimmitude coming.

this is what happens when one has more money than G-d! it's true - it is far easier for a camel to slide through the eye of a needle than a rich man make it into heaven. bill, please take your head from the dark place - there are far better ways to help the "poor state of our high schools"...

i'm not one to tell people what to do with their money, but if you're going to be charitable - remember this: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


i received the following e-mail from dave gaubatz (see "churchill of the week #2 at "curtains") this evening:

To all,

"Many people have contacted me asking how they can help fight the war on terrorism. Today I am asking for assistance. A couple of days ago 5 people were murdered in Salt Lake City, Ut (Trolley Square). The murderer was an 18 year old (Sulejman Talovic). He is originally from Bosnia and is Muslim. The FBI in a matter of hours released statements indicating there is no link to terrorism. The FBI often takes years to solve some investigations, yet suddenly they are near completion in a few hours. I routinely monitor Al Jazeera and other such websites. Indeed there are Bosnian Muslims living in Utah who provide their insight on the blogs. Many do support Al-Qaeda and the ideology.

Kirsten Hinkley was killed by Talovic. She was only 15 years old. Does she not deserve we know for 100% if her murder did indeed stem from a terrorist act? Fox news contacted me today from SLC, UT. They wanted me to speak about the FBI immediately assuming their was no terror link. I agreed. Now Fox is receiving political pressure to not pursue this. Why? Because the truth may upset the American people. There may be hostilities toward the Bosnian Muslims or other Muslims. I do not want any hostilities, I want Kirsten Hinkley & the other victims deaths to be completely investigated and for all of us to know the truth. If Talovic did have ties to terrorist groups we need to know.

Assistance requested: Contact Fox News at 801-973-5423 and request they follow through with my interview. Contact the SLC newspapers and other media. Once interviewed I will provide more reasoning's why there is a possible link to terrorism. If everyone recalls my recent article on "terrorist sleeper cells" you will understand why I ask your assistance. Malls in Utah are no safer than malls in Virginia, Kentucky, California, Michigan, or any other state. Thank you, Dave Gaubatz

Does Kirsten Hinkley deserve our support? I think she does."

contact dave here.

please read this and this.

we need to know why NOBODY wants to cover this obvious story. thank you to all who wish to link to this. this has also been posted at "curtains". there is no time like the present to share information with one another.

while i did have another six or two "oh boo" moments to share - this superceded those which i will share at some later date...oh boo...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"oh boo" moment #1627.3

ever need some levity in your life?

here awhile back - no wait - it was last night, while in the midst of a hot game of "trivial pursuit", and as usual i was tuned to the evening news - there was a segment on the "peta" people and their latest "take your clothes off for animals in order to slam the president" campaign - of course they were covering the little lady's hangers with stars or something and nancpop asked nancson, "have you noticed just how ugly the women on the left are?"

nancson pondered this question for a moment or four and laughingly blurted out, "oh, come on, pop - what about that little sex kitten - JANET RENO?!?"
...he'll soon be going for a visual check-up and if that doesn't work, the surgical eye removal plan may be in the works...

Monday, February 05, 2007


this is america!

"DEARBORN, MI, United States (UPI) -- Tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Iraq are echoing in Dearborn, Mich., and other communities.

'The Shiites were very happy that they killed Saddam (Hussein), but the Sunnis were in tears,' Aqeel Al-Tamimi, a Shiite Iraqi immigrant in Dearborn, told The New York Times. 'These people look at us like we sold our country to America.'

Dearborn`s Shiite mosques have had their windows shattered twice recently, the newspaper reported. Members of the Shiite community blamed the Sunni Muslims.

'A microcosm of what is happening in Iraq happened in New Jersey because people couldn`t put aside their differences,' said Sami Elmansoury, a Sunni Muslim and former vice president of the Islamic Society at Rutgers University, where there have been major tensions between Muslim students.

Experts told the Times that the growing population as well as the Iraq war has contributed to the tension. Decades ago Sunnis and Shiites had to get along because the Muslim population was so small that most communities had one mosque. The Muslim population has grown in many communities, and many Muslim students don`t meet someone from the other branch until they get to college, the newspaper said."

time for u.s. to take over a middle eastern country so that we may have a homeland.