Monday, February 13, 2006

Bumper stickers anyone?



elijah said...


nanc said...

this is perfect, warren, perfect. you know cheney did not have his $7.00 quail stamp? just heard he sent his check and it's in the mail. thank G-d - we wouldn't want that shot to be illegal!

Warren said...

Did you ever hear the audio of John Kerry walking into a store in Ohio and asking to buy a hunting license?

It was the most pompous, condescending, acting I've ever heard in my life, (and that's saying something!)

Kerry, with his cultured Ha-ved, Baastun accent says, "Can I get me a huntin' license here?"

I mean, COME ON, down here wire fire and pliers sound like woare foare and ploars, but we would never say "can I get me".

What I like about Cheney is he isn't a phony.

I am worried about that "checks in the mail" bit though!

MissingLink said...

Is Ted a strong swimmer?
Some of my American blogging pals sometimes call hi (ted) the swimmer.

Warren said...


He might be a strong swimmer but he sure can't drive!

Welcome to the blog, Missinglink!

Warren said...

From the Wallstreet Journal's Opinionjournal, (featured article) registration required.
"Cheney's Coverup
The Vice President shoots a man. Questions must be asked.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST

The press corps is outraged that the White House waited 20 hours or so to disclose that Vice President Dick Cheney had shot a hunting companion, and we can see why. Don't these Bush people understand that the coverup is worse than the crime?

In the name of media solidarity, and in the interest of restraining the Imperial Presidency, we have put together the following coverup timeline with crucial questions that deserve to be answered:

• 5:30 p.m., Saturday (all times Central Standard Time). Mr. Cheney sprays Harry Whittington with birdshot, and the Secret Service immediately informs local police. Who is Harry Whittington and whom does he lobby for? Does he know Scooter Libby?

• 6:30 p.m. White House Chief of Staff Andy Card informs President Bush that there's been a hunting accident involving the Vice President's party. Did Mr. Bush ask follow-up questions? Was he intellectually curious?

• 7 p.m. Karl Rove tells Mr. Bush that it is Mr. Cheney who did the shooting. Why was this detail withheld for a full 30 minutes from the President? Who else did Mr. Rove talk to about this in the interim? Was Valerie Plame ever mentioned?

• 5 a.m., Sunday. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan learns that Mr. Cheney is the shooter. He also fails to alert the media. Did he rush to write talking points or fall back to sleep?

• 11 a.m. Katharine Armstrong, owner of the ranch where the shooting took place, blows the story sky-high by giving the news to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. According to Ms. Armstrong, Mr. Cheney told her to do what she thought made sense. Has Ms. Armstrong ever worked for Halliburton?

• 1:30 p.m. The Texas paper posts the story on its Web site, after calling the Veep's office for confirmation. Everyone involved confirms more or less everything, or so the official line goes. Their agreement is very suspicious.

• 11:27 a.m., Monday. Mr. McClellan finally holds a press conference and gets grilled. One reporter actually asks (and we're not making this one up), "Would this be much more serious if the man had died?"

For the record, Mr. McClellan replied, "Of course it would." We hope the 78-year-old Mr. Whittington recovers promptly after his heart attack yesterday. As for the Beltway press corps, it has once again earned the esteem in which it is held by the American public."

nanc said...

what i really and other inquiring minds want to know is, "was the cover-up down or fleece?"

Warren said...

Nace, although it resembled fleece, it was actually polyester with a kapok filler between alternating layers of BS.

elijah said...

buy a hunting license?...up here you have to go through a rigorous test and a whole bunch of other bullshit...I know a drug dealer "through other associates" who got one, but did all the tests and passed with flying colours. First order of business, that pesky groundhog that kept eating his garden..LOL