Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For Nanc and Missinglink

George and Ida. Notice Georges feet.

This is a cleaned up photograph of, Ernie, (my wife's grandfather) and Jack, (her father).
Ernie was raised on the reservation, (Cherokee). He was the common law husband of Maisie, (half Apache). Ernie was 25 or so years older than Maisie. This picture was taken in the late 1940s

My wife is strawberry blond and freckled. :^)

This is the repaired and cropped photo optimized for the Internet.

The original was torn and spotted with places where the emulsion was totally gone.

I repaired a bunch of these photos for my brother in law.


beakerkin said...

What year are those pictures around ?

nanc said...

1940 beak! your googly eyes need cleanin'! these are great photos. i wonder how they got a leader on the calf? we cannot get near cheeseburger with a rope - it's like he knows...

i noticed the bare brown feet - soles probably better than any bootleather! thanx for sharing warren.

Warren said...

Beak, the first picture was probably taken on the same day as the previous photo. Late 20s eary 30s. I believe that Ida died in 1932.

Nanc, you shouldn't have named him Cheeseburger! He knows but he don't know when. :^)

nanc said...

i like the way george is lookin' at ida - like, "can't wait 'til we get these chores done...rrrrr..." i can tell - he is particularly fond of ida - did they have a long marriage?

my paternal grandparents were not married - my father was the result of a steamy love affair.

Warren said...

Nanc, I believe they were married (?) 22 to 25 years when Ida died.

George was a lumber jack and was away from home a lot. I don't know what kind of relationship they had. My grandfather was 16 when Ida died and he took it hard. He couldn't talk about her without tearing up.

I never thought to ask him. He had a way of talking and story telling that didn't leave much room for questions, except for, "What happened then, grandpa?"

nanc said...

that right there should tell you what to tell your own child and grandchildren. i love to tell my granddaughters about their mom as a child. they get excited and i have their undivided attention.

when my father was dying, there were five generations in the hospital with him, including him - his mother, him, me, my daughter and her daughter - how often does that happen? nearly ninety years of history in one room - powerful stuff. it's never too late to get started on legacies - i try to work on at least one every day!

my husband and i have been together nearly 17 years and when we start talking about our start, our two teens are rapt up in it all - they love it! they'll take what we give with them until the end of their days. of course it helps to have geeks for kids!

MissingLink said...

Great pics and the family stories.
I enjoyed both a lot.