Friday, December 08, 2006

what do these creatures have in common?

they're all just babies in their wombs, right? beware - it gets graphic.

more importantly, i should have asked, "which is expendable?" or, "which could we do without?" better yet, "who, on the left, would shed a tear if the one in the middle became extinct?"

national pornographic is doing a special on animal babies "from conception to birth" in the next week - i just have to wonder what their stance on abortion is?

where are these people:

when this happens?:

when i read that it doesn't matter whether or not a political candidate is pro-life or pro-abortion - i makes me want to vomit.


Anonymous said...

They're all ordering omellettes at Denney's?

Elmer's Brother said...

what's even more amazing to me is that Maragaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood saw abortion as a way to control minorities..mostly blacks. Since Roe v. Wade over 13 million black babies have been aborted.

It's all very sad and sickening

Elmer's Brother said...

over 13 million black babies alone have been murdered since Roe V.Wade

sad and disgusting

nanc said...

i read something here awhile back that asked questions (paraphrased) like:

how many would have been doctors?

how many would have been president?

how many of them would have cured cancer?

how many would have been teachers?

how many would have been great musicians or artists?

and the list went on and on - it made me cry.

how many of them

The Merry Widow said...

It matters, it matters greatly! I look forward to meeting them in Heaven and giving them a hug!

I'll get to them all, I have an Eternity to!

kuhnkat said...

The number I have seen is 40,000,000 babies aborted since the 1970's in the US.

Tell me why we need illegal aliens to fill jobs?

Tell me about how ALL of these babies were being born to poor or unfit women who would have caused them to live a life of depression, drug addiction, and criminality?

Truthfully, abortion quickly became the refuge of child molesters and convenience for promiscuous women who couldn't be bothered to respect their own bodies!!!

Murdering babies out of convenience shows how evil Western civilisation has become. If it weren't for the evangelicals and religious Jews I would be heading for the hills and saying, let the Jihadis have these filthy bastards!!!!


Russet Shadows said...

The thing I can't understand is how can anyone make a case for abortion when the result is a mangled human corpse? Just look -- that's all you need to do. Arms. Legs. Eyes. Feet. And then to sanction this in the name of "choice" is a true perversity -- who could be so cruel as to choose this? Would you have to be someone so relentlessly self-serving, so wholly selfish, so utterly without concern for others that you would rather the least of these die, to cover up for your own sexual mistakes? The only consolation (and it is a small one) is that those who choose foolishly will find themselves less likely to have children when they wish to.

nanc said...

this stemmed from a comment i saw that said we shouldn't choose our candidates for president if they're pro-life or pro-abortion. not entirely true, but it's a starter.

guess it means we should have no litmus test whatsoever.

so, where do we start when we beging to choose a "man" to run this country?

pro-life adulteror?

pro-abortion no-new-tax guy?

pro-life pro-war guy?

pro-abortion anti-war guy?

pro-life new tax guy?

where does one draw the line?

Anonymous said...

...whether or not he'll approve of and honor & reward acts of sodomy seems sufficient for most trolls...

Lawman said...

Abortion is NOT a form of birth-control. Personally, I see no difference between an abortionist and a murderer (except in very specific no-kidding medical emergencies).

Don't want children? Keep your pants zipped.

Anonymous said...

People have their priorities mixed up man. One stance of mine is if you believe in evolution, the survival of the fittest, adaptation, mutation...we are just that..byproducts.
There is no sanctity of life, the fittest survive, choice is left up to an idealogical concept.
Life is nothing but a mutated chance, meaningless.
Afterall the animals on down are our ancesters, seems like we cherish that more than life itself.

Choose life! Believe in life!
We are here for a reason, and there is life after death.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-Remember that G*D has just begun working on that individual. He has a long way to go, but he has also come a long way. You are quite correct, morals ; private and personal are very important! Do you know how many couples try to adopt? As many as there are children murdered every year!
This hits very close to my heart, I was adopted after removal from a neglectful home situation, my mother was married, but my father was not her husband. I found a loving family and am happy and doing well in life. Abortion would have robbed my late husband of a loving partner and 2 beautiful children. Plus how many friends would not have been helped or reached in the ways that G*D designed me to touch them! I'm not someone special, but how many not special people are not here touching, loving, helping others? We are the poorer for their abcense!


Always On Watch said...

Kuhnkat said, The number I have seen is 40,000,000 babies aborted since the 1970's in the US.

I had no idea the figure was so high!

PETA worries so much about the life of animals, but doesn't care one whit about human life.

Yes, you are special.

Anonymous said...

I actually have seen this special on National Geographic, it's pretty interesting.

nanc said...

yes, we're all special in one way or another, aow.

as for the one who's trying to post his vile nonsense here...well, i have to wonder.

brownie? be glad your mama was pro-life...or maybe she wasn't? and you're the result of it!

Brooke said...

Abortion as birth control? How much more involved is it to get an abortion than to just take a shot once every few months, or take 30 seconds to pop the pill after brushing one's teeth?

It's just one more expression of evil.

The Merry Widow said...

Actually, if you look at history, there have been two murders of babies in the Bible, the Egyptians trying to kill the male Hebrew children, Herod's murder of all male children 2 yrs. old or less, and now in America and the world. Compare it to the worship of Moloch, when chosen infants were rolled down the idols arms which aimed the infant into it's belly which was a furnace. Lovely, now we offer them to idols in the womb, what a desecration of a place G*D created to be a part of creation!


kuhnkat said...

Actually, abortion isn't new. I wish I had the reference available, but, I believe that herbs and other things were used to abort far back in history!!!

You would think that with all the scientific evidence that a "fetus" is a human being that more people would kill themselves before babies!!

Some things never change!!!

Kathy said...

How anyone can sanction abortion, is beyond me!

I do not believe it is right in any circumstances whatsoever.!!!

I think that people have become de- sensitized and more acceting of violence and pornography.

Even life has become cheap.In the case of abortions a precious life is destroyed for selfish reasons.

I'm also sick and tired of hearing about a woman's right to do what she want's with her own body.

What about the rights of the baby???
And I say BABY!!! Not fetus, like the pro abortionists are want to say.

Look, seven years ago a great tragedy occured in my life.

I was fifteen weeks pregnant when an ultra sound picked up that I had a baby with a neural tube defect.
Anenchephaly to be precise.

I was told that my baby would die.
I will never forget that moment as long as I live.

I walked out of that dark room into the bright sunshine outside in a daze, not really absorbing the enormity of what I had been told.

I would have to carry my baby to term, and when she was born she would most likely be dead or die soon after.

I never once contemplated having an abortion because I knew in my heart it was murder. God gives life, only he can take it away.

However I did not know how I would cope. I am not really a strong person.
So I did the only thing I could do I prayed.... I prayed to God to help me, to give me strength, and courage.

And you know what he did. I know to this day that it was because of him that I got through this.

My waters broke at 26 weeks I gave birth to dear little Mary Rose . She was still born.
The nurse dressed her and covered her head with a bonnet. She had the most beautiful blue eyes.

My husband composed a prayer which we say every day

We pray with love to you Mary Rose

Your life on earth was not meant to be

But you left us with a love and a strength that is everlasting.

Please watch over your family and keep us safe.

Sustain our love of God.

Guide us in our day to day trials.

And help us to attain a place in heaven

So that we maybe reunited with you when Our time comes.

We Love you Mary Rose.

nanc said...

oh kathy, i'm so sorry for your loss - as you know, we were fortunuate enough to have our evan, born at 26 weeks and healthy - you're right, it's not our decision. God knows and does what's best for us, although we may not know it at the time.

nanc said...

p.s. i didn't mean that last statement to be bragging, kathy - you know, that my evan lived and your mary rose didn't - and i apologize if it sounded that way.

Kathy said...

No no , of course I didn't think you were bragging, Nanc.
Thank you so much for your kind words.

You're a good person Nanc old mate!

The Merry Widow said...

Kathy- I am so sorry that Mary Rose isn't around to brighten your lives! But she made it Home safely, and her Heavenly Father and Big Brother are taking very good care of her. She really is a little beauty and a very happy lively child, bet she dances around Heaven.
You will see her again, and there will be no disabilities or defects.


Kathy said...

Thankyou to you too, dear Merry Widow, for those comforting words.

Kathy said...

Btw Nanc and TMW, I did give birth to a healthy boy a year after I lost my daughter.
I have a 10 yr old daughter as well.

God has certainly been good to me.
My husband and I thank him daily!

We know dear Mary Rose is watching over her brother and sister from heaven.

Brooke said...

God bless you and yours, Kathy!