Friday, June 30, 2006

TAZZMAXX and nanc

yup - we're off on an adventure next week to meet up with my tazz.

i met tazz at the now defunct "moonbat central" last year about this time. he's going to be in arkansas on vacation playing music with his son, a musician and an engineer. he's agreed to meet with nancfamily on the fourth of july and we'll be there to listen to him and his son play music.

don't quite know what type of music to expect as it didn't seem important, but i swear if they start rappin' i'll be sure to knock him in the head and run like hell!

if you'd like to ask tazz any questions about himself or our family, i'd suggest you post them here and we'll submit to warren and he can post our answers after our meeting perhaps in an interview type post. anything goes as long as i approve first - ha! no photos of the "nancster" (as beamish has coined me once) without my avatar. i've kept my sophia loren good looks a secret so far - even my own family doesn't know!

having not met any fellow bloggers in person - i'd like to know of your meetings with people in our www. now share!

everybody have a great and safe fourth of july holiday weekend - ours starts today and ends next wednesday - yippppppppaaaaaaaayyyyyy - that's alot of snob beer and fireworks!!!


Elmer's Brother said...

Joe Gringo are trying to get together.

nanc said...

this is so exciting to meet with someone you've conversed with only in writing.

tazz is so excitable and a very likable guy. so different from my calm, unlikable self. amazing how our differences draw us together! oh yeah, and i'm a girl. and i think tazz is a guy! ;]

i hope you and joe get together for a game of pseudo golf, elbro. that's the kind of golf we love to play. mulligans, the thirty second drill, does it bother you when i give you a b.a. as you're trying to putt, type of game. oh, and trying to see who can fit the most beer in their golf bag. i think i hold the record between my husband and me. now that's golf!

can't wait to meet mr. miller high life!

Always On Watch said...

I've met face-to-face with two bloggers. The first was a social meeting, the second an intense discussion of Islam. None of us had ever seen any image other than our avatars.

I hope to meet up with two more for the showing of the film Islam: What the West Needs to Know, which will be shown in D.C., July 7-July 12.

Be sure to let us know how the meeting-up went, Nanc. I'll hope that the music isn't rap. :)

cube said...

Sounds like a blast. Have fun!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Last time I went to meet someone I met online, Howard Dean showed up and tried to get me to vote for him.

So, I prefer the anonymity of not meeting anyone. That guy that cut you off in traffic? Coulda been Beamish...

Jeff Bargholz said...


buy Tazz a snob beer for me. I think that guy drinks miller's--he needs the real stuff. He probably likes Sierra Nevada pale ale. He lives in CA, after all.

Do they have Boulevard beers in Arkansas? Maybe in big brown jugs? Boulevard wheat beer is the most popular beer here in Omaha. (They're brewed in Colorado.) We drink it out of corn cobs. That way we get two food groups, and don't have to wash the glass.

Living at the cross-roads, I'm sure you can find a good Midwestern or Southern beer for the Tazz.

drummaster2001 said...

hey nanc and warren, it has been awhile. have a great 4th of July.


"don't quite know what type of music to expect as it didn't seem important, but i swear if they start rappin' i'll be sure to knock him in the head and run like hell!"

give an extra smack for me in such a scenario.

when you actually find out what the music was, do give details.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc- What fun! Say HI from the Merry Widow, I enjoy tazz's posts. Sounds like a great time, have a blast and maybe let nancpop and the not so munchkins have a good time too!
Good morning and G*D bless!

tmw P.S. Warren sent you a funny video, share with Nanc since she likes kittykabobs!

MissingLink said...

I met with some of our blogging team members Gravelrash and Skylark
Grav travelled all the way from Melbourne to see Skylark and myself.

Have a great, Happy Independence Day.
You Nanc and Warren amd all your family members.!!

Mad Zionist said...

Nanc, have a Miller high life for the Mad Zionist.

nanc said...

madze - i would not have a miller high life if it were the last beer on the planet!

linkster, tmw and drummaster - thank you for the well wishes.

j.b. - you'd better bet i'll force a snob beer on him! and i haven't seen any microbreweries around, but there are plenty of people who brew their own. if you've never been, sierra nevada brewery is quite a nice place to have lunch if you can get past the smell! i worked in chico for a number of years.

beamish said, "So, I prefer the anonymity of not meeting anyone. That guy that cut you off in traffic? Coulda been Beamish..."

nanc replies, "sorry for the single finger salute..."

all the rest of you have a safe holiday - it's not over - there are plenty of idiots out on the road tomorrow - i'll be one of them!

Freedomnow said...

The likelihood of Tazz being a rapper is about the same as the likelihood of Ducky voting Republican in September.

Have a great Fourth

Mad Zionist said...

Sooooo, how was Taz?????

nanc said...

i'm going to tell the grandest story after july 16 about tazz - that's when he'll be back from vacation and able to defend himself! i needed the extra time to make up some lies...but this before i go from this subject - for a man over 60 - y'all have something to work toward! i've yet to see a better specimen. rrrrrrrrrrrrr

tazz - i know you and tazz, jr. are reading this so pick yourselves up off the floor and at least act cool!

nanc said...

p.s. - tazz goes beyond cool. that's all i'm going to say. time to zippenzeelippenzee.