Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pedophiles on the Internet

Something needs to be done about the pedophiles that infest the Internet.

john brown posting as DHS Doyle posted:

DHS Doyle said...

Say... SAMBO WARREN the INJUN KILLER... can you tell me a story about the GI Joe who forced himself on a 14 year old Vietnamese child?

9:52 PM

john brown, you need castrated!

We know that you are a pervert. Isn't it kind of stupid to advertise it?


beakerkin said...

Well I find it odd Brown cries about censorship but posts vulgarity under dozens of aliases.
As far as his comments what does one expect for an apologist for Red Genocide.

The Merry Widow said...

You're right Beaker! jobro has no sense of decency or fitness. He has his little agenda and woe unto those who disagree. They will be "punished" for their flagrent disregard of "his" truth. The fact that his truth resides somewhere in the bowels of hell makes no nevermind to him, he has choosen it and clasps it protectively to his chest. Those who reject and refute that hellish truth are subject to ridecule, harrassment, slander, threats and eventually what, jobro? Death to the unwashed, unenlightened masses? You are very sick and need intervention! The fact you must use multiple aliases shows how very lacking in people skills you are. You are pathetic! And if you weren't so dangerous to yourself and others around you, I would feel sorry for you, in a clinical sort of way, but you have choosen the path you are on and all I can do is stand back and use you as an example of self deception and the disasterous results.


Always On Watch said...

Brownie's mind is in the gutter, and he posts lies of all types--particularly lies directed at individuals with whom he disagrees.

If he weren't so disgusting, he'd be pathetic.

Brownie whines about censorship, but he used to open and close comments at his blog according to his whim. He also deletes comments at his own blog.

This Stain must be one friendless and socially isolated individual (Or should I say "individuals," as in multiple-personality disorder, if not out and out schizophrenia?) to spend all that time on his follies and crimes on the web. Those crimes include threatening minors and slander.

FLORIAN said...

NICE! That is damn sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MissingLink said...

A very, very disturbed individual.
UNfortunately the INternet gives this types a lot of freedom of movement as well as courage (not acting in the open).
One more reason for not giving such refuse a free forum.

beakerkin said...


Remember when he steps out of line you will expect similar treatment. However, I am planning the ultimate Brown humiliation.

Brooke said...

I can't wait to see it, Beak, although it would be hard to top the humiliation that Brown is to himself.

Brown is the only pedophile I can see... He makes pedophilia laced statements on his own blog and on others, and threatens to molest the children of other bloggers.

He is truly a disgusting individual.

elmers brother said...

If he wasn't such a moron I might feel sorry for him.

nanc said...

pedophiles ANYWHERE are disgusting, brooke!

this one so blatantly disregards the feelings and wishes of others that he has become like a systemic disease. no place in our world for him.

nanc said...
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cube said...

I don't know the man, but if he's a molesto, I already hate him.

beakerkin said...

Our friend may have gone to work on Prof Plaut. Plaut had to change sites due to spam.

nanc said...

beak - did plaut have to leave autonomist? what a crying shame. we all know how brownie hates plaut.