Tuesday, July 24, 2007


ward churchill, phony cigarstore indian, has finally had his comeuppance.

in an 8-1 vote, he was relieved of his tenure, "The move came after academic committees found in 2006 that Churchill was guilty of academic misconduct, including plagiarism."

although it only took the board a little over an hour to come to their decision, it was heard, ""It's been a long hard day," said Hayes. "Not an easy decision for the board."

jeesh - i have a more difficult time deciding which pair of black shoes to wear...

read the rest of the story.

thank the Great Spirit the board saw fit to release this phony man from his position to further poison the minds of our young people.

one can see from the proud look on his che loving face, he's no native of anyplace other than the hell he came from.

NOTE: native american indians DO NOT have a jawline/chin like that of this indian wannabe. may he find a job cleaning nuclear reactors in north korea...at least he'd be appreciated for his arsekissing-the-enemy-behind talents.


The Merry Widow said...

And the creep went to Central America and KILLED INDIANS who opposed the sandanistas!
He's a commie, NOT an indian!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

may he suck hind teat from now on!

Brooke said...

I hope that when he brings his ACLU-funded countersuit, the university takes him for every cent, including all the wage they paid him under false pretenses, and the financial damage his slanderous tongue no doubt did to the college.


Always On Watch said...

'Bout time he got ousted!

Warren said...

It took long enough!

When "the chickens coming home to roost" incident happened, I was reading some crapola over at Indianz.com, (for the uninitiated, that's where all pseudoindians, twinkies and left wing Indians hang out). They were discussing the fact that Ward C wasn't really an Indian. The consensus was, that's ok, he says all the right things.

nanc said...

like my masquerading as sophia loren for the last couple of years?


The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-You have a better ground to stand on than wardley!

Warren-You are a brave man to go there, any nausea? headache? ulcer? diarrhea? constipation? zits?

Warren said...

tmw said:
"Warren-You are a brave man to go there, any nausea? headache? ulcer? diarrhea? constipation? zits?"

I scrubbed my monitor afterward. It wasn't pleasurable!

Its funny really, the same trash that defended Ward C, were spreading rumors that Dr Yeagley was really adopted and not Indian.

Wild Bill said...

The only human I know that is more PATHETIC than WC is John Kerry-Heinz !!

Indian my achin backside.. Sittin Bull wouldnna let this POS sit with his dogs even !!

A lot of good educators have left and lost their jobs at CU over this dirtbag too..

But dont worry cause there are plenty more nit-wits out there where he came from.. TOO MANY !!

Warren said...

Wild Bill Said:
"The only human I know that is more PATHETIC than WC is John Kerry-Heinz !!"

Amen to that!

Welcome Wild Bill.

nanc said...

wild bill - that you?

as warren said, "welcome!"

everyone should visit "redneck revenge".

Wild Bill said...

Thanks for the WELCOME, Warren and Nanc..

I even wiped my feet good so that I wouldnt track mud in the house with me when I came in !!

I've been stoppin by here for a while now and thought it wouldnt be proper if I didnt stop and pay my respects to ya'll, and besides, this post makes it too easy to comment on the state of Higher Education educators, phonies, opportunist politicians, and REAL American Indians !!

But I've got a better idea for WC a new job.. How bout as a Chinese toothpaste tester or food tester for that Chili cannin outfit down in Georgia ??

nanc said...


wild bill - please leave SOME mud on your boots or you won't have anything to sling when you need some!

as for w.c. - we have a saying in our house, "my, but wouldn't they make the greatest menu washer down at the local chinese buffet?"

Anonymous said...

I doubt he'll be exhibitting any "remorse". He has become a legend in his own mind. Just like when he wrapped himself in his Post-911 "pariah" status, he'll hock this newly earned "victim" status up until the day he croaks... which couldn't come too soon for my satisfaction.

I look forwards to the day when his lying quill stops dispensing ink.

nanc said...

imagine how many young minds he's misshappen over the years, farmer.

i will go sit in the first week of my childrens' college classes - and yank them if they end up with professors like this, or they can pay for the course themselves. we will not pad these ingrates' pockets EVER!

Anonymous said...

Poor nanckids... they'll never live down the humiliation once mom becomes the teachers pet.. ;-)

nanc said...

or perhaps i'll just take the course while exercising MY free speech, no?

jack napier (joker - batman 1989): "wait'll they get a load of me!"

Elmer's Brother said...

'bout time.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc's loaded?


nanc said...

yes, i have a wealth of character.