Monday, July 23, 2007


will be sixteen years old next week!

i could not be more excited.

tomorrow, after work, i'll be taking our two and one of their overnight guests to take the written part of their driver's test in order for them to either obtain their student driver licenses - NONE of them did very well on the written samplers so i expect a short day.

nancson came to me last night and was telling me of one of his "concubines" who he stated is "a christian, mama" and started babbling on about how they often go to one of the ONLY drive-in theaters left in the nation!

she, two of her girlfriends and one male friend, has asked MY BABY BOY to go with them to the DRIVE-IN!

that's not even the heart of the matter - apparently, one of her parents takes them all every other week or so in order for it to be a chaperoned event. okay, here's where it gets good - nancson PLEADED with ME to go with them!

it's his first, freakin' semi-date and he wants me to go with them!

DEAR LORD! i can easily think of five hundred other things i'd rather do than go on my son's first semi-date with him!

i said, "do i have to?" he responded, "i'd love for you to go and get to know my friends." me, "why?" him, "mama, you know why..."

nope, still don't. what is it with children these days?

this could easily turn into an "oh boo" moment at any moment...


Kelly said...

that is the coolest thing I have ever heard. what a great idea!!1

nanc said...

he wants to take me everywhere! i don't have time to be a teenager again - i didn't have time the first time around!

it was thoughtful though.

Always On Watch said...

Chaperone his first date? Hmmmm....

Well, at least he's not sneaking off to the drive-in.

cube said...

nancson sounds like a devoted son.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its like show and tell,

"Oh man, you won't believe my Mom, wait to you see this!"

I remember my first date, a trip to taco bell, followed by a trip to the bathroom....what a beautiful night....nothing like staring at florescent light bulbs in the middle of the night!

Ducky's here said...

Most parents would be thrilled if their kids wanted them to take an interest in their friends.

Count your blessings?

nanc said...

kelly - it is cooler than the other side of the pillow!

aow - he's never been the sneaky sort - what you see is what you get - not a phony bone in his body.


cube - if you only knew - he's the reason i'd have ten more sons if i could - there's never been a better kid - i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop most of the time.

rob - yeah, like "wait'll you get a load of my mom - if she asks you to pull her finger - DON'T DO IT!"

plucky - i'm thrilled that he asked and wants me to know his friends - my blessings are bountiful.

for one thing, one of my granddaughters from california is going to be with us this weekend and i'm saving myself for that occasion - besides, this son could be trusted to always do the right thing.

Warren said...

Nanc said:
"this could easily turn into an "oh boo" moment at any moment..."

This could become an "oh boo moment", moment, moment!

If you see him collecting money from his buds, don't ask what the bet was, just demand your cut!


nanc said...

we're gonna buy some beer?

that's all we collected money for at his age!


Freedomnow said...

I think this is a great idea. Will you escort me on my first semi-date Nanc?

This babe I met is 220 pounds and built like a semi!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh, she makes me hot!

nanc said...

why don't i just go on EVERYBODY'S first semi-date?

that should cure y'all on the first date!

The Merry Widow said...

Well, you would get an opinion about whether that person was good enough for you!
Fern-Yes, but can she tango?
Nanc? Want to be my matchmaker?;-)


Brooke said...

My older brothers followed me on my first date, two out of three, anyway.

Be glad he wants you there!

Brooke said...

Of course, my kids won't be allowed to date until they're about 34 years old... ;)

Freedomnow said...


I am teaching my semi-date how to dance tango, but every time she backs up the annoying "beep, beep, beep..." overpowers the music.

Its a work in progress...

nanc said...

so, you need a pilot car to take her out on the town?!?

Warren said...

FN said:
"the annoying "beep, beep, beep..." overpowers the music."

Snip the "red" wire, not the black.

Works every time!

Elmer's Brother said...

bwahhahahahah at warren and the red wire

well let's hope when he gets married he doesn't ask you to go on the honeymoon

FN - I would suggest beer goggles

Warren said...

Reminded of a story.

Bess, we'll call her Bess but that's not her name, isn't fat although I'm quite sure she weighs well over 220. She is, however, about 6'3" tall and voluptuous. Beautiful woman, proportioned like a gigantic Barbie doll.

She used to date a friend of mine, who is about six feet tall, but I was unnerved when I saw Bess pick him up off his feet and hug him.

Bess worked in sales at a local radio station along with another person, (Jim). In the days when cell phones were the size of walkie talkies, sales people carried pagers which you could set to beep or buzz.

Bess and Jim were talking to the stations general manager when Bess' pager started beeping. The general manager turned to Jim and said, "You better watch out Jim. I think she's backing up!"

Bess thought it was funny and it was a good thing for both of them that Bess didn't take offense and "back up"!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

My first date with my fiancee was to a Marilyn Manson concert... 3rd row center stage....

nanc said...

warren - we saw a "woman" like that at a chinese buffet recently with a somewhat demure looking older fellow - only she had an adam's apple...oh boo...

beamish - you and she will certainly have some stories to tell!