Thursday, March 15, 2007



"Putin media decree arouses press freedom worries
Thu Mar 15 2007 11:37:07 ET

President Vladimir Putin has decreed the creation of a new super-agency to regulate media and the Internet, sparking fears among Russian journalists of a bid to extend tight publishing controls to the relatively free Web.

Putin signed a decree to create one entity that will license broadcasters, newspapers and Web sites and oversee their editorial content.

Raf Shakirov, who was dismissed as editor of the Izvestiya daily after critical coverage of the 2004 Beslan school siege, tells REUTERS how Putin's decree could extend Soviet-style controls to Russia's online media, which have been relatively free to date.

"This is an attempt to put everything under control, not only electronic media, but also personal data about people such as bloggers," he said."

there is something about this man i've never trusted, be it the close set eyes, or lack of any sort of emotion - he's not right. and just what is he so paranoid about that he'd pick on lil' old bloggers?


The Merry Widow said...

He's a commie at heart, never got over 1989!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Debbie said...

He is slipping and sliding right back to the old Soviet Union ways, at least that is what he would like. I don't think the Russian people will go along, if they have a choice.

Putin just kills any journalists that don't agree with him. That's scary.

nanc said...

i don't believe he'll give them that choice. he does what he wishes and if he has his way even his presidency will be extended. he's a one-man show.

he doesn't need no stinkin' congress or a cabinet to refer to - he is all about power. if you disagree with him he'll just have you done in or cut your power or gas off.

yup - he's a real peach.

Jay Tuch said...

Are you aware that just a few weeks ago another anti-Putin journalist died of natural causes? He "fell" out of a 5th story window.

Not too long before Vladdy officially changes his name to "Jozef".

nanc said...

yeah, jay - all those...ahem...suicides are really killin' me! because, hey - everybody loves polonium three and falling on knives 22 or 6 times...

wonder if pootie is related to the senator from new york?

Anonymous said...

Glasnost was for suckers like Gorbachev. In a "democracy", its' all about controlling the media. How else can you tell people how they're supposed to vote?

Warren said...

In a way its refreshing!

We have the mask off what is left of the Soviet empire. Behind all the BS about "Peoples Republics", dictatorship of the proletariat and the other leftist Marxist crap, we have the naked totalitarianism that is the hallmark of leftism.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Something like 80% of internet traffic passes through DNS servers here in the United States.

It's our internet. Not Putin's.

Always On Watch Two said...

One of the fellows who spoke out against Putin was shot and killed in Price Georges County, Maryland, last week. Was this a robbery? According to the man's son, no.

Also, another outspoken critic of Putin was beaten to death at a rest stop in New Jersey yesterday or the day before.

These several recent deaths of critics of Putin are a mighty lot of "coincidences."


oversee their editorial content

Sounds like the USSR all over again!

nanc said...

think i'll just zippenzeelippenzee +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+
about pootie-boy now...and y'all have never seen me - get it?

st. patrick said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Once a commie, always a commie!

Cheers to the Red, White, Blue and Green!

Éirinn go Brách

nanc said...

i think we were just schmacked by a leprechaun!

Anonymous said...

....your pur$e feels lighter!

I used to love playing hack!



Always On Watch Two said...

Last night, PBS had a show with beautiful Celtic music. I ordinarily don't watch PBS, but that show was recommended to me. So I ended that day listening to beautiful tones.

bensilly said...

nanc- if putin does`nt the US will.

Brooke said...

Mark my words: The Hammer and Sickle will fly over the Kremlin again, probably before the end of the decade!

Mickey said...

I heard some greek music on the public radio station that was very refreshing. They even did some american standards, like daanyboy, when the saints come marching in etc all instruementals.
Really showed off some great musicians.

Never heard greek music before.

Mickey said...

nanc-the govt (ours) will do a pretty good job of locking us up. We`ll just send them a virus or war troll.

What silly sed.

Mickey said...

it`s good vinnie and bad vinnie /:

Mickey said...

what brooke sed too

goodvinnie,bad vin...

*Its ben a slow day

Anonymous said...

You didn't hear about the new cereal for bloggers that comes from Russia?

The free prize inside is a vial of plutonium.

nanc said...

no steve, but my son just asked me if i'd been using black powder on my face because i look shot!

Mr. Ducky said...

but, but Chucklenuts Bush looked into Putin's souls didn't he?

Can you see this administration sending a lightweight like Condominium Rice to negotiate with someone like Putin?

No wonder Russia's power is on the rise.

Mr. Ducky said...

debbie, a large percentage of Russians prefer authoritarian rule. Many would like to see the return of Papa Joe.

Be careful what you assume.

Mickey said...

Condi is a lesbian aint she?

Condominium Rice, lol

*looks at ducky

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The Hammer and Sickle flag still flies over the Russian military command headquarters.

(They never took it down.)

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see the hammer and sickle, I think of their failure, their inept navy, and the main reason that dragged them down in the first place...the inability to maintain logistical support over such vast territories.