Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Here, is the definitive documentary on the "Global Warming" scam that is being perpetrated on ignorant people the world over.

Presented by BBC4, shown in its entirety, some hour and thirteen minutes long, its well worth watching.

I did, and I advise everyone to watch it and pay attention.


patrick said...

I will chk it out.
Here's my new website...finally able to comment on your blog!
Up The Kingdom!

patrick said...

GW is a scam...there has always been climate changes! Man wonder what it was like when the earth was formed...ahh HOT! (well at least to the evolutionists)

Warren said...

I hope this isn't a trick, Patrick!

Your blog is full of green stuff.


daniel said...

No trick warren, it's me Daniel.
But don't go for me pot of gold!

The vid is of very good quality.
GW is surely political.
It's funny when it's cold, I never hear about GW.
And a GW conference was canceled due to an ice storm!
How funny is that!

beakerkin said...

There is some weak logic with the global warming crowd. The fact that two things occur at the same time does not infer causation.

Part of the problem with the left is that they think man is God or the USA is responsable for everything on the planet. The price of bacon rises in Argentina must be related to the Bush administration.

Brooke said...

I love telling a global warming nut that I don't care because I can afford air conditioning.

You can just see the veins start to pop! LOL!

daniel said...

Good one brooke.
All these Global Warmers, they breathe out Co2 don't they?

Someone should shut their mouths!


FLORIAN said...

It's pretty bad when even some liberal european scientists proclaim the whole thing is a fraud. I'll never buy into this scam either.

nanc said...

it is pure crappe!