Friday, August 10, 2007


of course it was not this one in particular, but "PFC Brendan Schweigart was helping to retrieve a tank in Iraq when he felt as if he had been hit with a sledge hammer.

It was deadly fire from an enemy sniper."

for the rest of the story.

we purchased these little bibles for our children a few years ago and they've been so proud to carry them and read the pages loose from the binding and they've since graduated to larger study bibles wanting to preserve these special bibles the military carries.

proof: the WORD OF G-D still saves!


Renegade Eye said...

I was walking around a Minneapolis lake, when a big tree branch fell, nicking my shoulder, and missing my head.

A passerby asked me what I was thinking about when it happened? She went on to say God didn't like it. I asked her why didn't the branch knock me out, if God didn't like what I said. She replied, "That was only a warning."

nanc said...

sometimes we don't know what we need to know until we look back.

and that was a good one!

i had a vehicle's timing chain go out at the end of my driveway one day on my way to the busstop to pick up the kids three or so miles away - all i had to do was walk back up the drive to retrieve another vehicle.

all i could think of walking back up the drive was, "Lord, let me get to the busstop on time and thank You for not letting this happen at another place and time."

it could have happened while i was in town 15 miles away!

He is mysterious.

Wild Bill said...

Too many people stress and worry bout when their TIME is gonna be up and not enuff time givin Thanks for the time they have had already..

I know that my last day on Earth will come, but not a minute before HE gets ready for me.. Nothin or nobody is gonna alter HIS will and anybody that thanks they can is a FOOL !!

Each day that you awake among the livin, give much Thanks, then live that day with Faith, Hope, and Love..

nanc said...

right you are, wild bill!

that is exactly how i try to live my life also - it can make for very happy days.

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for posting this uplifting story. I haven't been on the web much lately and had missed this one--until I came here.

nanc said...

aow - i was getting tired of "bad" news and happened upon this little gem and just had to post it.

i'm going to watch the leonid meteor shower this evening and see if i can get my vid to work on my newfangled camera - the first time i noticed this phenomenon i was simply amazed!

it's worth staying up for.

nanc said...

oops! my terrible - that would be the "perseids" meteor showers, not "leonid" - don't know what i was thinking - still hanging about outside waiting...snore...i may have to catch them in the a.m.