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A list of companies...

...you might steer clear of, as an investor OR in the case of Hyundai, don't buy their cars. Greed is a strong factor here, why reward it?

Twenty Four Most-Active Iranian International Business Partners

Hundreds of companies do business with Iran with American investment dollars and, based upon publicly available information, the following are among the most active of the Tehran regime’s international business partners:

Alcatel SA: French telecommunications giant Alcatel, has signed numerous multi-million dollar contracts deals with Iran as well as Sudan over the past five years. Alcatel supplies Iran with most of its telecommunications facilities, high-speed Internet service and communication devices and infrastructure for offshore oil and gas platforms. [16]

Bow Valley Energy Ltd.: Canada’s Bow Valley Energy holds 15 percent of a $300 million deal with Iran to develop the Balal field off the Persian Gulf since 1999. [17]

BNP Paribas: BNP Paribas is the only French bank to have remained in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. BNP Paribas mainly focuses on trade finance with Iran’s oil and gas industry which is controlled by the regime’s clerical elite and feared Revolutionary Guards Corp. [18]

China National Petroleum Corp.: China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) has announced it will invest $3.6 billion dollars to develop Block 14 of Iran’s South Pars gas field this year. CNPC is currently negotiating a $16 billion deal with Iran to develop its North Pars gas field and build liquefied natural gas infrastructures. [19]

ENI Spa: Italy’s biggest energy company, Eni Spa has numerous oil and gas contracts with Iran. In 2001, Eni Spa signed a $900 million contract to develop Iran’s’ southwest Dharkovin oil field. The company holds large stakes in multiple Iranian energy projects including a South Pars contract valued at almost $4 billion. [20]

Gazprom: Russian energy giant Gazprom has been heavily involved in developing the South Pars gas field, estimated to contain 7 percent of the world’ reserves, since 1997. In 2006 Gazprom announced it would consider setting up joint oil and gas projects with Iran’s state energy companies. [21]

Hyundai: South Korea’s Hyundai supports Iran by supplying it with energy-related construction and development help, manufacturing components and ship maintenance. Among its other mega-deals with Iran, Hyundai recently signed a $1 billion contract along with Daewoo to build oil tankers for the regime. [22]

INPEX: The Japanese market accounts for 22 percent of Iran’s oil exports which account for 85 percent of Japan’s total oil imports. The Tokyo-based INPEX, which is part-owned by the Japanese government, has billions of dollars invested in many Iranian oil projects including the Soroosh, Nowrooz and Azadegan oil fields. [23]

LG Engineering and Construction Co.: In 2002, South Korea’s LG Engineering and Construction Co. signed a $1.6 billion deal for a gas processing plant project in the South Pars gas fields. The company has a 45.3 stake in the deal that allows it to claim $700 million of the total project cost. [24]

Lukoil: Russia’s Lukoil collaborates with the National Iranian Oil Company on various exploration projects. Lukoil holds large stakes in oil projects in Anaran, Moghan, Western Changuleh and other areas in Iran. In 2000, Lukoil acquired Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. and has gas stations across the United States. [25]

Norsk Hydro: Norsk Hydro is Norway’s second largest energy company and is partially owned by the Norwegian government. Norsk Hydro has massive investments in Iranian oil projects including a $107 million contract signed with Iran last year. [26]

OMV: Austria's OMV is central Europe's leading energy company. It has several oil exploration investments in Iran’s Mehr block. In addition, OMV is the driving force behind the Nabucco pipeline project which will transport gas from Iran's Caspian Sea directly to Europe when completed in 2011. The other companies involved in the project are: Botas (Turkey), Bulgargaz (Bulgaria), MOL (Hungary) and Transgaz (Romania). [27]

ONGC: India’s Oil and Natural gas Company (ONGC) signed a $40 billion deal with Iran in 2005 to import millions of tons of liquid gas. ONGC is involved in many lucrative exploration projects in Iran and is on the verge of signing a deal in the South Pars oilfields valued at over $100 million. [28]

Petrobras: The Brazilian government control 60 percent of the Rio de Janeiro-based Petrobras Oil Company and has a final say in its investment decisions. Petrobras intends to sign a $ 470 million contract with Iran in mid-2007. Earlier contracts with Iran included a 2004 deal worth $34 million to drill in the Caspian Sea. [29]
Petronas: Malaysia’s Petronas enjoys lucrative business with Iran. Among other deals Petronas signed a $2 billion contract, along with Total and Gazprom, to develop Iran’s South Pars gas fields. [30]

Royal Dutch Shell: In 1999, The Dutch-British energy giant, Royal Dutch Shell spent over $800 to develop two Iranian offshore oil fields. Royal Dutch Shell together with Spain’s Repsol recently signed an agreement that could result in a $10 billion contract to develop sections 13 and 14 of Iran’s South Pars gas field. [31]

Siemens AG: Siemens AG helped build Iran’s nuclear reactor in Bushehr but officially stopped working on the site after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Siemens AG is currently active in Iranian telecommunications, high-tech, automotive and power industries. Siemens also trades with other rogue states including Sudan and Syria. [32]

Statoil ASA: Norway's biggest oil and gas company Statoil ASA has multiple high profile investments in Iran. Most of its efforts are concentrated in the South Pars gas field where it holds high percentages in various exploration and development projects. Norway prosecuted Statoil in 2004 when the company was convicted on corruption charges for trying to sway Iranian officials, including former President Hashemi Rafsanjani’s son, in a $15.2 million deal in 2002. [33]

Stolt-Nielsen SA: UK-based Stolt-Nielsen SA is one of the world’s top liquid transporters, the company does business with Iran through its subsidiary Stolt-Offshore. The US Treasury began investigating the company in 2002 for trading with Iran and falsifying documents. In 2006 Stolt-Nielsen was indicted for price fixing and rigging bids. [34]

Technip Coflexip: French based Technip Coflexip builds much of Iran’s petrochemical engineering plants and provides other technical infrastructure related to the regime’s oil and gas industry. Among its many lucrative deals with Iran, Technip Coflexip built a massive ‘steam cracker’ petrochemical plant in the Persian Gulf for $186 million. [35]

Total SA: The giant French energy company Total SA has been active in Iran since 1995. Total has multiple oil exploration and development contracts with the regime including a 2006 deal valued at $1.6 billion. Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie and two of the company’s chief executives are currently under investigation by the French authorities over corruption allegations linked to a 1997 gas project in Iran and the Iraqi oil-for-food program. [36]

In addition, the following companies are reportedly in the process of negotiating deals with Iran:
Essar Oil: India’s Essar Oil reached a deal with Iran in 2006 for oil and gas exploration and production as well as contracts to build the regime steel plants, power plants, and an oil refinery. The deal, worth billions of dollars, is still waiting approval as both sides continue to negotiate. [37]

China National Offshore Oil Corp: China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran in 2006 to develop the Northern Pars gas field and build liquefied natural gas installations. The two sides are expected to sign the $16 billion deal by the end of 2007. [38]

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp: In 2004, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Sinopec) won a bid to buy 10 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas every year for 25 years, but the contract hasn’t been signed yet. The deal is estimated to be worth about $100 million when approved. In 2006, Sinopec signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran to develop the

Garmsar block. The deal, that has so far not been implemented, is valued between $20-38 million. [39]

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nanc said...


did you find out anything about b of a and the iranians?

this is a wealth of info.

Russet Shadows said...

It's worth noting that many of the companies are owned by countries (China esp.) or are multi-national businesses. The government-owned companies are extensions of their own nations foreign policy. The multinationals act as though they are above politics and have no faith to any nation.

Jay Tuch said...

Good stuff.... A list of nations with favorable trade pacts and huge lines of credit to Iran would also be helpful.

The Merry Widow said...

Jay-Start with Russia.
They love money and power and control, and will prostitute themselves to the highest bidder!


FLORIAN said...

Never heard of most of them--except the ones in RED. China is really the nation to watch for--Iran is just small potatos for now. History let's us know to never trust a Russian to throw a bucket of water on you if you're on fire.

Always On Watch Two said...

In 2000, Lukoil acquired Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. and has gas stations across the United States.

I didn't know about Getty Petroleum. We have two Getty stations very near us. We won't be patronizing them any more.

Thanks, TMW!

The Merry Widow said...

Florian-That's why I put them IN red!
AoW-I won't use Citgo myself. We don't think those extra cents saved are worth the helping of an enemy!
I got an e-mail from Canadian Coalition for Democracy with this info!
I didn't feel righ keeping it to yself.


nanc said...

tmw? do you have something against consonants in your last sentence?

or are you protesting something?

The Merry Widow said...

Sorry Nanc, this notebook is quirky and if you don't hit the keys "just" right they don't show!
If I go fast, they disappear into the ether, especially double consonants!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

i was ribbin' you!


Ducky's here said...

I should allow Israel to control my investment decisions?

Why? That doesn't make any sense.

Prosperous nations are far less of a threat. Why would you want to beggar Iran? Dumb.

Anonymous said...

Please sign petition to Shell to stop doing business with terrorist regime of Iran!

Anonymous said...

I am from Spain and I can't stand the north-american propaganda. What a shame! Can't you understand that there are about 70 million people living in that country and most of them are truly fed up with the current situation? How many Iranians live in the US, Canada, UK, etc.? Literally millions, does that mean anything to you? What is it you're after with this attitude? Europe, and probably the rest of the world, is tired of the angloamerican one-size-fits-all or do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do approach. Unilateralism doesn't work (see Irak).

Get a grip of yourselves, people just want to get on with their lives nevermind where they come from and they have the right to do so without asking you for permission.

For a detailed description of the shameful events that angloamericans have perpetrated in Iran read: "All the Shah's Men" by Stephen Kinzer. A coup lead by CIA and MI6 to ovethrow a DEMOCRATIC Parliament and Prime Minister simply to recover the control over Iran's natural resources and wealth - btw, it is their wealth, not americans'. And you are the ones who are going to spread democracy around the world? Who is a terrorist state?

Read jewish-american Chomsky: "Hegemony or Survival" and you'll understand why the propaganda machine is back in action to the extent that is influencing people like you to write, out of the blue, your very own "list of infidels" (i.e. those companies who ignore ILSA and invest in Iran). Can't you see it: it is you who are extremists ("either you're with us or against us"), judging 70 million people from a single/narrow/biased perspective.

You need to adopt a completely different approach towards Iran, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world, and understand that your position is only momentary in historical terms. You have the opportunity to step up to the challenge and truly make a difference (be it in politics, economy, international relations, etc.). Stop being beligerant/incendiary because it leads nowhere at all.


Warren said...

To Anonymous:

Most likely you are jut another muslim spouting bull shit without revealing the fact that you are a muslim. Either that or you a typical anti-American dick head seeped in left wing propaganda without a working knowledge of the world in general or specifically, without a knowledge of world history.

I could rip all your facetious assertions apart, but being they are facetious, I'm not going to waste my time.

Warren said...

BTW Anonymous, anyone that would take Chomsky seriously should first be aware that Chomsky is an apologist for mass murder carried out and documented by Communist totalitarian regimes.

Chomsky is a Anti-American fool that has a PhD in semantics. That means he knows how to manipulate little tools like you!

Anonymous said...

I am a catholic Spaniard but that's irrelevant. What is important is to get the message across: PEACE AND DIALOGUE is the only long-term sustainable way forward.
Unilateralism, totalitarism, aggression, imposition, etc., simply don't work.

Nevermind where I'm from, at least I have education not to insult you like you have.

Any americans or british wanting to know more please do have a look at "All the Shah's Men" by Stephen Kinzer. I was totally shocked when I first read it for my PhD dissertation, especially in the context of the somewhat recent "democratization" efforts initiated by Bush/Blair.

Warren said...

And what a tool you are. Your very tone is insulting, as it is meant to be.

Who besides, Stephen Kinzer, is in your Anti-American cadre of propagandists?

You mean the same Stephen Kinzer that's made a career of slamming America and distorting history in the fine tradition of other New York Times "journalists" as Walter Duranty?

My advice to you is to get a job and live in the real world for a while.

America is not evil incarnate and the same Muslims you seem to worry so much about would gladly saw off your head for practicing your Catholicism.

Meanwhile, The "poor picked on Iranian Mullahs", plan a World Caliphate and attempt to hasten it through a possible nuclear war.

Has America made mistakes; of course it has. Shall we go into Spain's mistakes? We could start with the Inquisition, branch out into the attempts at world domination throughout the 16th and 17th century's then talk about the Fascist, Fransisco Franco.

You state: "Unilateralism, totalitarism, aggression, imposition, etc., simply don't work."

Tell that to the City Fathers of Carthage!

This is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. Whether its one State against another or the use of force by tyrants against their own subjected people!

Whether you realize it or not, this world has prospered under the "Pax Americana" since the end of World War 2 and now the barbarians are pounding on the gates again.

Why do you think Muslims call America "The Great Satan"?

Hint: they see America as the only thing stopping them from a "World Caliphate".

Anonymous said...

If I wished to insult you I would, as easily as you keep insulting me... but thankfully I am not like you. It's not that hard to be polite, I'm sure you can manage too.

What I meant is clearly expressed above and it does not need to be reinterpreted or clarified by you.

Fortunately for me, you're letting yourself down with your aggressive tone and your hollow and misleading arguments. This is precisely the sort of biased propaganda I was referring to in my initial comment.

What I advise everyone to do, is to read as much as they can and try to arrive to your own conclusions, not to simply "bash the infidel" or anyone else who tries to make sense of the nonsense in which we live in.

Carthage, Caliphate, Inquisition, Franco, WW2?
BTW, let's not confuse people: Arabs and Jews are the same semitic people while Iranians belong to a different race. The non-muslim Persia (Zoroastrian actually) was also conquered by an Arabic Caliphate (of Syrian origin I belive), i.e. Iran and Caliphate simply don't belong in the same sentence. We, in Spain, were also conquered by the same Umayyad Caliphate a few decades after Persia and it has no relation whatsoever with Iran.

Warren said...

1. Semetic didn't originally refer to a "race", it refers to a group of languages having a common base.

2. Iranians, at least in this day and age, are Persian 51%, Azeri 24%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 8%, Kurd 7%, Arab 3%, Lur 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmen 2%, other (Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian) 1%.

3. However, the Iranian population is 98% Muslim. Muslim/Islam isn't a "race". Its a religious/ideological and social construct which does not recognize or tolerate the equality of other religions or forms of governance.

4. Islam, (and Muslims, Shia and Suni), believe in the establishment of a world Caliphate.

5. No country in the Muslim world has political structures similar to those instituted in 1979 by Iran.

The self described, "Islamic Republic", is a government in which power, (supposedly emanating directly from God), is exercised by those with religious authority. The theory of velayat-é-faghi (rule by theological jurisprudence), is the cornerstone of the Iranian system. The concept on which the whole institutional edifice rests, is the sole theocratic theory in the Muslim world. At the same time, this combines with a republican dimension appealing to popular participation, and an electoral apparatus close to the democratic model. A network of institutions whose members are nominated and controlled by the powerful and conservative Supreme Guide of the Revolution thus coexists with an elected president and parliament. (see #4 above)

6. Iran is not hesitant to export its "Islamic Revolution" and does so through exportation of money and arms and training through its intermediary's in the Middle East. (Syria, Hezbollah and through Hezbollah, trains the terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad among others).

7. Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a (Shia), Twelver, which believes that the 12th and last Iman will appear bringing a reestablish the of the "rightful governance of Islam" and replete the earth with justice and peace.

He also believes this can be brought about quicker in an apocalyptic manner. Even if most of the Muslim world and all of the Non-Muslim world is destroyed.

I don't believe that "I'm" the ignorant one.

You Utopian idealists, throughout the ages, have enabled the mass-murderers of the world, (if not actively bashing the brains in of every that refuses to accept your pedantic word view). We see it time and time again.

Fascists calmly wonder what that "final solution", for the Jews will be. Chomsky turns a cognitively dissonanced eyes from the killing fields of Cambodia. Marxists discuss, over coffee (no doubt,) how many will have to be "dealt with" because they refuse to accept the Leftist dream. Their propagandists and stupid enablers, cover the truth and sometimes weld the clubs.

Then its too late.