Monday, June 25, 2007

"OH BOO" MOMENT #2007-06/25

there is much talking on a 2,000 mile-plus trip...or not.

as for me, i like to do puzzles - anything from crosswords to sudoku.

every once in awhile i'll pay attention to what everyone else is doing. this was going to be one of those days.

as we were plugging along at 70+, nancson asked nancpop, "so, what's the big deal about axle grease?"

pop replied in kind, "why, it's good for EVERYTHING!"

nancson asking, "like what, pop?"

nancpop responds, " oh, critter bites, hair conditioner, pet shampoo, waterproofing your shoes..."

nancpop then proceeded to name fifteen or twenty excellent uses for axle grease - NONE having to do with greasing axles!

i couldn't take it anymore and blared out to pop, "YOU have lost what's left of your mind!"

pop - ever the smooth, romantic, loverboy-type, responded, "NAH! that would make us equals..."

...oh boo...


The Merry Widow said...

And how long did it take for you to recover from that one?


nanc said...

i'm still cooking the scheme to surpass him...::hands rubbing::

we had several "oh boo" moments along the way.

one, as you know, was searching for coffee and filters in elbro's kitchen - i don't know what'd i'd done if someone besides pop came into the kitchen and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ROOTING AROUND IN THEIR CUPBOARDS?!?"

Freedomnow said...

Maybe its time that you just acknowledge your superior.

Sometimes even the mighty can fall...

Mike's America said...

"hair conditioner, pet shampoo,"

Let me know if it's also good as a moonbat repellant.

I wonder if I can grease my blog with it?

nanc said...

fern - i fall everyday! it is the manner in which i arise that counts.

mike - the best troll repellant i've found to date is the farmer - nothing quite like 'im.

cube said...

Glad you're back! You need some zingers on your side to give nanc pop some oh boo moments of his own.

I'll give you one I used on my husband back while we were dating:

At work I found a fancy wooden hanger which I held by the handle. When I pointed it at him, I'd set it spinning. He asked me what I was doing. "Using my new dummy detector." I answered.

And he married me anyway.

Anonymous said...

ROFL @ That would make us equals!

I wish I would have been a fly in that car!

nanc said...

trust me, cube - i do my share of "getting" him good - he's just more enjoyable to talk about!

rob - i suppose we should tape some of our conversations - there are some humdingers, oh yes there are.

i'm trying to get him to start his own blog.

Anonymous said...

You ought to "Team Blog"... then we could hear ALL the oh-boo moments, or at least, both sides of them.

Kathy Farrelly said...

Too funny Nanc!


That also had me on the floor in fits mate! Surely there couldn't be too much space in 'dem cupboards eh?

ROFL again!

Of course you know what that means here in Oz don't you Nanc?

Poor old cube censored me awhile back when I explained that "root" was a slang term here in Oz for, well know what.

Anyways, you crack me up girl!

Ps Hi Warren! Hope you are doing okay.

nanc said...

okay, farmer - here goes one on the popster.

when nancson was a toddler, i was so fussy about him and he wanted to go out with pop and watch him do yardwork - i told pop, "NO!" and he said, "YES!" so i gave in and told him he had to keep a good eye on him. he agreed that he would.

about ten minutes later, nancson came inside and wanted to take a nap, unbeknownst to pop. nancson went and lay down into a deep afternoon slumber.

after about 45 minutes or so, pop came inside from weedeating or mowing and was frantic, "WHERE IS HE?!?"

i inquired, "who?"

well, he wasn't in a mood to play games so i acted like a lunatic and started sobbing that he'd lost my son and he took off out the front door and was running up and down the street running in and out of the yards of neighbors, hollering and making a general nuisance of himself.

i sat down on the porch and just watched him for quite a few minutes and he came up to the porch looking like he'd been hit by a train, wanting me to call the cops or something and i said, "he came in about an hour ago to take his nap and is sound asleep. how come it took you so long to figure out he was missing?"

oh boo.

nanc said...

kathy - i remember that! it wasn't that kind of rooting. it was more like moving things out of the way in the cupboards in search of coffee. the bad part was not finding the coffee filters - i had to rinse the one out from the night before and re-use it. oh boo.

BenOsilly said...

Glad to see you back.
Does warren work here anymore?


nanc said...

yes, bens - but this is but one of warren's twelve or seven jobs and is low on the priority list - it doesn't pay very well you see and i'm having a tough time getting my allowance raised so i can offer him more money, so i'm looking for another job so warren can post more.

it seems at the moment he is in the process of studying the mating habits of the giant panda and it pretty much takes up all his spare time. i'm pretty sure he's sick to tears of having a steady diet of bamboozle shoots...

get it?

Warren said...

What Nanc is saying is that I have several jobs and sometimes I just can't post or I'm to pooped to post.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-I'll bet Nancpop kept a better eye on him after that! A good scare will help you realize just how valuable someone is to you!
As blogger little sisters to Warren, we try to take up the slack!


Gayle said...

Back in the day (as the kids like to say) your "Oh, Boo" moments would have been called a "Zorro"! :) It seems that Nacpop is a master Zorroer. That was a good one! LOL!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hair conditioner?..ha!

nanc said...

trust me, woman - it only got worse.

and to think - i thought it was wd-40 that was the miracle grease!

macurl said...

we're glad you're home, even if you did have to slid in on your "axel grease" lol

nanc said...

very funny.


now, if he mentions axle grease and my new broom in the same sentence then i'm getting the boxing gloves out - i-i-i think i can take him!

macurl said...

WD 40 isn't the miracle grease? Who told you that? I just can't live without WD 40.....

You think you can take nancpa on? Tell me, is that a question or a statement?.....

Just what were you doing in that cupboard? I'd like to hear you explain that one. LOL

nanc said...

looking for coffee! and filters!

macurl said...

Well, that's your story and it looks as if you're going to stick to that one...