Thursday, September 01, 2005

Of Looters and Lefties

It the aftermath of the hurricane, in New Orleans we see the pictures of total idiots looting partially destroyed shops and stores.

I see nothing wrong with a person looking for the means of survival and taking bottled water, food, blankets and diapers, maybe even a 6 pack or two. But will someone tell me what the hell are they taking designer clothes, jewelry and big screen TV's for.

Its theft, pure and simple, brought on by opportunism. Their first thought is their advancement at someone else's expense. The idiots don't even realize that eventually they will be rounded up and forced to leave their loot behind.

In the same vein, we see leftist nut cases blaming the President for everything from the hurricane to fuel prices.

These glowing jewels of ignorance are also opportunists, awaiting any reason to bring om their idiotic charges in a fit of ideological hatred that would make a white supremacist blush. Their first thought is their advancement at someone else's expense.

Here we see the looter mentality through its full spectrum.


beakerkin said...

Looting is a crime of opportunity and my supervisor gave me a low priority number. I have four times the normal workload. I will try to clear the back log but I am not optomistic.

drummaster2001 said...

i wouldn't see anything wrong with stealing necessities like food and stuff. reminds me of the song 'hunger strike' by Temple Of The Dog.

New Orleans is suffering armageddon. there are reports of armed gangs walking the streets, rapes have occured, a national guard soldier was shot at the LA Superdome, and insane amounts of looting has occured. it is pandemonium.

anyway, i am a liberal, and i agree with you that any lefty blaming the President for a "NATURAL disaster" is a moron (since i don't know how to bold and italicise words, the quotes are there). it also isn't his fault that oil refineries were built there and are now destroyed, which is why gas prices have soared. thankfully hess does their stuff in NJ so they are still below $3, but i doubt it stays there for much longer.

i have a question for you. the price of crude oil keeps going higher in the market (DOW). if people decided to sell it off and keep selling off with no extra buying, essentially wouldn't people make oil extremely cheap and screw the saudis?

Warren said...

Beak, I'm sorry. Maybe things will work out for you anyway.

I wish I didn't have obligations so I could help but I'll just have to be satisfied with donating money where it will do the most good. I have a friend that is an EMT and I know he wishes that he could go but he has a sick wife and a new baby. He was one of the 9/11 volunteers, a good guy, like you.

DM, Like when I showed you the link command, I'm going to replace the html command carets, "< >" with brackets "[ ]", so I can show you the commands.

Bold is [b], italic is [i]. Remember you must close each command with the forward slash so if you want to bold some script it would work like [b]THIS[/b] which would give you THIS. Italics like [i]THIS[/i] which would look like THIS. That will work in any text box that recognizes HTML.

Rermber to replace [ ] with < >.

When I speak of lefties, I not talking about you. I'm speaking about the armchair socialists like Jessy Jackson Jr., Robert Kennedy Jr. (et. al.).

They made some pretty disgusting remarks. I'll see if I can find them and link to them later on this weekend.

I don't think the refineries are destroyed, I have heard that it is more of a matter of the pipelines being shut down for lack of electricity.

Gas was $3.40 a gallon here locally when I came home from work.

If you do not have a locking gas cap, I'd advise you to buy one if you can find it.

There hasn't been a new oil refinery built in the US in over 20 years. The demand for fuel has increased greatly during that time but, as you can see, production capacity has not. Before this hurricane the refineries were running at 90% capacity.

No type of production facility, be it power plant or whatever, can run at that kind of pace for long periods of time. Machinery must be rebuilt as it wears out and refineries are no exception.

The price of crude oil is determined by "world" demand. In effect, we compete with all of the rest of the countries of the world for available supplies of oil. The US consumes about 25% of the worlds oil.

Speculation in an unregulated commodities market also drives up the price.

Its a complicated mess! The Saudis, as despicable as they are, are not at fault in this instance. Its not in their interests to ruin our economy and they know it.

Let me know and if you are interested, I go into it in depth at a later date or see if I can find a few good articals.

drummaster2001 said...

where the hell are hydrogen powered cars?

Warren said...

C&P job

"The Drawbacks of Hydrogen Energy

According to a recent study by MIT researchers, "Even with aggressive research, the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will not be better than the diesel hybrid ( a vehicle powered by a conventional engine supplemented by an electric motor) in terms of total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2020." The studies suggest that hydrogen fuel vehicles will not be able to compete with the hybrid cars until 2020 because of hydrogen's efficiency and practicality. Compared to gasoline-fueled vehicles, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles have low emissions and low on-road energy use. But converting a hydrocarbon fuel such as natural gas into hydrogen uses a substantial amount of energy and does emit greenhouse gases. Although hydrogen fuel will prove a future of clean technology, there is a strong need for improvements in efficiency, reliability, and reductions in cost before it can compete with the current internal combustion engines.

drummaster2001 said...

actually i wish i knew the name of a program i saw on TV, TLC or Discovery, which was showing a slew of cars running on different sources of power. one of them was being run for a few years, but i can't recall what gave it its power.

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