Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Composing is a creative process, a process that I find almost impossible to do when depressed.

Lately, I have found it increasingly difficult if not impossible to post as an ever increasing sense of gloom seemed to overwhelm me.

Tonight a weight has been lifted! A burden has been remove, abet temporally.

You might think it was news from Iraq or the idotiarians in the ditch in Crawford Texas.

Well you would be wrong!

A co-worker has decided to take a few days of vacation. His incessant bitching, back biting and shear oneryness has sapped the life from me.

He's gone! I won't have to listen to him degrading the company or his constant complaints and ridicule of our fellow workers. No more smarmy insults that deserve a good bitch slap.


But he will be back Monday.

Anyone know a good hit man?


Always On Watch said...

I have had these same feelings of freedom when troublesome colleagues took some time off. There's nothing worse than having to work, on a daily basis, with a whining back-biter--unless it's a whining, back-biting shirker.

Some years back, I had to put up with one of those jerks for three years. Every day on my way to work, I blasted Springsteen's "No Retreat, No Surrender" from the car stereo--my way of coping. She finally got canned on February 14, 1996. In celebration, I drank an entire bottle of champagne that evening.

Now that I work for myself, I'm rid of such pests. The pay isn't as good now that I'm my own boss, but certain benefits, especially peace of mind, are wonderful.

Enjoy the halcyon days while the whining back-biter is gone!

PS: I don't know any hit me. Have you tried Mr. Beamish to see if he's amenable? He's probably already suited up for the job.

Warren said...

They put him in the same building with me because no one else will tolerate him.

Even the owner avoids him like the plague.

It would be impossible for me to open my own business or go totally freelace, (I do freelance work also), for reasons I cannot go into. I wish I could.

Now that I've identified the problem, he will be less hard to bear. I really had no idea that he was dragging me down this hard!

The revelation actually came after I had made the two previous posts and started to wonder if someone had put amphetamines in my fresca!


How about it cousin, you busy this weekend?

Any reference to hit-men is only for educational and entertainment purposes

Always On Watch said...

You don't have to answer this question. I'm just curious.

Is Beamish really your cousin?

drummaster2001 said...


i'd check out ebay because they have a history for weird stuff or, if they still make it, 'soldier of fortune'. it was on a 'king of the hill' episode (although not necessarily hitmen).

am glad that where i work, all of us have the same sort of hatred for the job and no one is that annoying. except for one lady. were not going to mention names and quite frankly, i don't know hers.

drummaster2001 said...


i am curious like AOW. is beamish really your cousin?

Warren said...

Beamish and I both share Cherokee, ancestors.

Due to the small gene pool, less than 20K in relatively recent history. While probably not traceable, we are distant cousins.

The probability increases if his ancestors were Eastern Band which I am guessing they were, since Beamish is from the South.

Its more of a semi-inside joke than anything. Beamish doesn't identify himself as Cherokee and I have always considered myself other than white although I am not an enrolled tribal member. Nor do I particularity care to be enrolled.

My wife has more "blood" than I, which is funny because she is a blue eyed strawberry blond.

I expect both her and my son will be accepted as enrolled members of the Eastern Band this fall. (their choice).

Always On Watch said...

My mother's family hails from east Tennessee--Monroe County, to be more precise. You are probably familiar with Sequoya, and there is a museum about him in the Tellico Plains area.

I don't have any ancestral trace to Cherokees, but my great-grandmother was an abandoned child, and her photograph indicates that she might have had Cherokee blood. We've never been able to trace my great-grandmother's ancestry on her mother's side, though we did trace her father's side.

Hey! Are you, Beamish, and I distant cousins? LOL!

As to your wife's blue eyes, my mother also spoke of lots of "blue-eyed Cherokees," with whom she went to school. Lots of Cherokee blood in east Tennessee, and one of my cousins married a half-Cherokee who might have been registered with the tribe.

Warren said...

Then perhaps I have found another cousin. :^)

Monroe County, is a beautiful place! If I had my wishes, I would rather live in that area than any other place in the world. I have another 'cousin', that lives there now.

Of all of the things I've seen, the most beautiful was a sunrise over those ancient mountains.

Except for an occasional, Mankiller or Greencorn, the phone book from Cherokee NC (the reservation), would have the same names as a North England directory. A lot of Scott and Scott Irish blood. Even Sequoyah (George Guess) wasn't a pure blood.

I have green eyes with a slight Asian caste. I don't really 'look' Indian but my mother certainly does.

A lot of other Indian tribes deride the Tslagi as being more white than Indian. They're only jealous. While my ancestors were writing their own constitution and publishing newspapers, theirs were chasing stinking buffalo and killing them with sticks. ;^)

Always On Watch said...

Yes, Monroe County is so beautiful. My mother was born in Vonore, my grandmother in Ball Play.

I've done a bit of research on that branch of my family. Talk about a feud! I found some info about the feud on the web. My uncle's defense attorney was Ray Jenkins, "the terror of Tellico Plains." Jenkins was also an attorney at the Army-McCarthy hearings (I think).

I could write a book about the family feud. And when I visit Monroe County, I get shut down when I try to get details, even the detail as to where my grandfather is buried. It's interesting.

I believe that one cause of the feud was my grandfather's refusal to sell artifacts from the Indian burial ground on his farm. Instead, he gave the artifacts to the museum and let the sacred ground lie fallow. His brother didn't like that and may have killed my grandfather. At least, so the story goes. Later on, my uncle killed his greedy uncle and was tried for manslaughter; Ray Jenkins saw to it that my uncle didn't spend much time in prison.

As a result of all the feuding, my uncle, my mother, and my grandmother relocated to D.C. It just wasn't safe for that branch of the family to stay in east Tennessee.

BTW, my mother had hazel eyes, with a slight Asian cast. Her hair was was brown, with auburn highlights.

PS: I've done a ton of web research on Monroe County. If you're at all interested, you can email me @

Esther said...

Now I'm bummed I don't have any Cherokee blood. My family is so small.

Glad you got a little break from the PIIA, at least. :)

beakerkin said...

Drum Master

Your Cousin Leslie has Cherokee blood . Thus if we work the family tree well........

samwich said...

Boeing Aircraft decided I would keep my mouth shut about malicious harrasment, aggravated sexual assault, slander, conspiracy to obstruct justice, or I would not be employed there. It cost them $70,000,000.00 (seventy million)
They gave me a raise to retire.
Never never never piss of a copy writer who is also a vietnam combat veteran. We know tricks.

Warren said...

He's an ex-SOG guy with bad paper.

Part of my problem with him is that its more of a personality problem than anything malicious. I wouldn't hesitate to have him cover my back in a firefight, but lord how he pulls me down.

I'm headed into work now. He'll be back this morning.

Thanks for posting and thank you for your serving our country!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My maternal grandfather was a "blue-eyed Cherokee" and his father was a full-blooded Cherokee.

Yes, Warren, I do trace through Eastern band lines. The city of New Echota, to be exact.

So we're cousins of a sort. We'd have to reveal our secret identities to check geneologies though.

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