Monday, September 05, 2005

A most marvelous rant!

From, Eject! Eject! Eject!:

Bill Whittle, lays it all out and takes no prisoners!

In New York, we had a governor who got every available resource on the ground as fast as it could get there, and in Louisiana we have a governor who...cried. Governor, your job is to not cry. Your job is to be strong. We have plenty of civilians crying. You want to cry, cry in the car on the way home like everybody else did four years ago. Crying Governors, race-baiting mayors and looting police do not a Finest Hour make.

In New Orleans we have a mayor who left some 400-500 buses sitting fueled and underwater in the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool saying that evil white conservative America was selling out his people within 24 hours of the catastrophe, from a safe and dry and adequately toileted location, while four years ago we had a Mayor who ran to the site of the disaster so quickly it is a full-blown miracle he was not killed when a building collapsed literally on top of his magnificent, combed-over head.

Now, much has been made of the fact that Ray Nagin is an incompetent, race-baiting black man, and Rudy Giuliani, who was neither, is white. Also, feminists are upset that people dare attack Governor Blanco because she is incompetent, weak, indecisive, and also a women. And no doubt there are salivating long-haired, short-cortexed idiots just waiting for this to be over so they can sail into the comments section and tell me what a racist and misogynist I am.


A 'very' small part of a much, much larger rant.

I wish I'd said that!


drummaster2001 said...

his commentary is pretty funny, especially the second paragraph.

beakerkin said...

New Orleans has always been run coruptly and often incompetently. Where were the senators when Kennedy and Kerry were handing out pork on the useless BIg Dig. Where was Senator KKK Byrd with his never ending pork projects. Exactly what the Senators from LA were doing for fifty years is unknown.

Esther said...

I'm with you! I wish I'd said that! Great rant!

Always On Watch said...

The political corruption in New Orleans finally caught up with them. The msm is pointing the finger everywhere but at the real problem.