Monday, April 22, 2013

Separated at birth

Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation. I ran across this picture of Joe Biden at some presidential function and started laughing at the resemblance.

In case you are unfamiliar, the one on the left is Jeff Dunham's ventriloquist dummy, Walter the retired grouch. The one on the right is a different dummy. 


Elmers Brother said...

good one

-FJ said...

Kawanio che Keeteru!, Warren!

"Song for St. Tamminy s Day. "The Old Song.

Of Andrew, of Patrick, of David, & George,
What mighty achievements we hear!
While no one relates great Tammany's feats,
Although more heroic by far, my brave boys,
Although more heroic by far.

These heroes fought only as fancy inspired,
As by their own stories we find;
Whilst Tammany, he fought only to free,
From cruel oppression mankind, my brave boys,
From cruel oppression mankind.

"When our country was young and our numbers were few
To our fathers his friendship was shown,
(For he e'er would oppose whom he took for his foes),
And made our misfortunes his own, my brave boys,
And he made our misfortunes his own.

"At length growing old and quite worn out with years,
As history doth truly proclaim,
His wigwam was fired, he nobly expired,
And flew to the skies in a flame, my brave boys,
And flew to the skies in a flame.

Always On Watch said...

You posted and didn't notify me? What were you thinking? ;)

-FJ said...

Merry Christmas, 2013!

-FJ said...

Kawanio che Keeteru!

Anonymous said...

Typical big brother, or any brother, tries to keep the little sisters from!


Thersites said...

*Hand Salute!*

-FJ said...

Warren... Kwanio che Keeteru!

When Superstition's dark and haugty plan
Fettered the genius and debased the man.
Each trifling legend was as truth received;
The priest invented, and the crowd believed;
Nations adored the whim in stone or paint,
And gloried in the fabricated saint.
Some holy guardian, hence, each nation claims --
Gay France her Denis and grave Spain her James.
Britons at once two mighty saints obey --
Andrew and George maintain united sway.
O'er humbler lands the same odd whim prevails;
Ireland her Patrick boasts, her David wails.
We Pennsylvanians these old tales reject,
And our saint think proper to elect --
Immortal Tammany, of Indian race.
Great in the field and foremost in the chase,
No puny saint was he, with fasting pale.
He climbed the mountain and he swept the vale;
Rushed through the forest in unequal flight --
Your ancient saints would tremble at the sight --
Caught the swift boar and swifter deer with ease,
And worked a thousand miracles like these.
To public views he added private ends,
And loved his country most, and next his friends.
With courage long he strove to ward the blow,
(Courage we all respect e'en in a foe),
And when each effort he in vain had tried,
Kindled the flame in which he bravely died!
To Tammany let well-filled horns go round;
His fame let every honest tongue resound;
With him let every generous patriot vie
To live in freedom, or with honor die!
Nor shall I think my labors too severe,
Since ye, wise sachems, kindly deign to hear.

Always On Watch said...

Singing the song here at Warren's site, too, I see.

Warren said...

Kwanio che Keeteru, FJ, AOW !

Always On Watch said...

Glad to see that you're still occasionally peeking in on the blogosphere.