Monday, December 12, 2011

More of the Pup

What? Did you call?
Need help with that boot?
In trouble, the devil finds mischief for idle paws to do!
Puppy nap.
Hit me with that fly swatter again and I'll bite you!
I swear officer, I'm innocent. I just stumbled in after the carnage.
Possum doesn't taste half bad!


Always On Watch said...

Great photos! I love the pup's coloring.

That 5th picture down, the one about the fly swatter, really sums her up, huh?

Who's the alpha -- the pup or you? LOL.

It's a good thing that experienced dog people got this pup. Otherwise, disaster would follow. She's a real handful!

I noticed the white spot on her chest. That spot looks almost heart-shaped. Is it?

Mr. AOW said...

You've got a winner there, once you've got her under control.

I wish we had a dog.

Always On Watch said...

Where's your Christmas story?

Speedy G said...

Happy Christmas, Warren!

Z said...

what a cute puppy! Thanks for more pix!! ENJOY ENJOY!

Always On Watch said...

Check out the dog that Brooke just got!

Always On Watch said...

Any recent pictures?