Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using images from the net

To avoid image problems and the animosity of other bloggers, you should avoid using copyrighted images and not "hotlink" (use images that are not stored in your own image storage space.) Hotlinking can cause your image to disappear and certain services, like tripod, do not allow hotlinking outside tripod's servers.

If you see an image you wish to use, download it to your desktop then use the image button when composing your post in the blogger post creation window.

To do this, place your cursor (pointer) over the image you wish to use. Right click on the image and choose "save image as" ("save picture as" in Internet Explorer) from the drop down menu. Change the name to something short that you will remember then click the save button

When you compose your post use the "add image" button (second from right in "Edit Html" tab (third from right in "Compose" tab.) The image dialog window will open. Use the "Add an image from your computer" side of the window, set formatting for small medium or large picture and whether you wish the image to be aligned with the left center or right side of the main post window and then press the "upload image" button.

The HTML for the image will appear as a block of code at the top of your post. I like to upload all of my images first then compose my post around them or the image code can be cut and pasted anywhere in the post you prefer.

If anyone is interested, I can take screen shots and post them for clarity.


nanc said...

sooooo, are you trying to put me on information overload?


Brooke said...

I've downloaded a screenshot widget for my Mac, and I love it! It's SO easy to use.

Warren said...

"sooooo, are you trying to put me on information overload?



You mean I'm not going to get a chance to explain how to create a triple boot system or install a operating system on a flash drive?

Windows used to be able to print the screen but it wasn't very useful back then. No Internet and the printers were crappy. I think they did away with it in Windows 95.

I use Linux when I want to print the screen.

nanc said...

not in YOUR or MY lifetime, buddy-boy! i already know too much. trying to unknow some things...

i'll go quietly into dementia. no kicking and screaming for me.

no. no. no.

Anonymous said...

Wow... an OS on a flashdrive... boy, a guy could really hijack a computer with one of those...

Warren said...

FJ said:
"a guy could really hijack a computer with one of those..."

Yes he could. The OS is called HELIX.

Let's just say it's a work in progress but its made to actually be run off a cd (like Knopix or UBUNTU Linux and so far it has booted on every Windows computer I've tried it on.

Anyway, most of the tools on the Helix distribution are made to passively manipulate Windows computer files without leaving a trace.

nanc said...

geeks abound!

why would anybody want to hijack a harddrive? what would they do with it once they had it?

Warren said...

Nanc said:
"why would anybody want to hijack a harddrive? what would they do with it once they had it?"

Take it for a joy ride.

nanc said...

i'd rather get out of the house as i wouldn't know what to do with somebody else's stuff - got enough of my own!

Abby Bob said...

Hi, hotlinking is a good way to obtain images as long as you get permission from the onwer. Here is a site that you can hotlink to - They provide many very nice images for free.