Thursday, September 11, 2008


seven years - hard to believe.

photo courtesy of: IN MEMORY OF


Anonymous said...

I know I won't forget.

Thanks for putting up the air freshener, nanc... ;-)

WARREN! Where are you?

Kathy Farrelly said...

I won't forget either.

I still vividly remember the morning I turned on my televsion to be confronted by that awful sight. I was shocked and stunned.

Remembering all those poor innocent people who died,(RIP) and praying for their grieving families who must now live everyday without their dearest loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Eight bells, Cap'n Warren!


Brooke said...

Sorry I'm late; my power was out for an entire week!

I can't see the image, but I share your sentiment, Nanc!

Brooke said...

So where is that Warren, anyway? ;)

Warren said...

I'm sorry.

I've just been overwhelmed lately. When I get the opportunity and time to post all I can seem to do is ramble on.

I fixed the image. Everyone should be able to see it now.