Sunday, April 01, 2007

April fools!

Google/Gmail is in rare form today with at least two jokes going.

Check out:
Gmail Paper

Google TiSP

(Go with the flow!!!)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to stand your eggs on end today!

nanc said...

i don't trust free things!

which reminds me of the time a good joke was played on one of our female investigators - someone put a baggie of white powder substance on the hood of her unmarked car - she being the uptight, type a personality, sent it to the s.o. for analyzation - not knowing it was one of the investigators there who put it on the hood of her car - when she found out, we gathered some dried cow patties and sent them through the county courier to his office to see if they were growing magic mushrooms - well, needless to say - it just kept getting worse and worse...she eventually stung him in the behind with her stun gun when he was leaned over into another car - he folded like a cheap t.v. tray!

Anonymous said...

beamish has a hidden one at his place.