Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interview time!

A few years uhh... couple of months ago, I ran into this homeless, faceless, pitiful interesting commenter on cuz's, (Mr Beamish), blog, The Crank Files.

As I remember it, she was impressed with my knowledge of firearms and ballistics, hanging on every word of my descriptions of muzzle velocity and bullet weights, then complimented me on my knowledge.

nanc - "heyaaaay - i was homeless, not down and out! they slammed the doors on us at moonbat central and i ended up at madzionist (my madze), freedomnow (my fern), the cranky one (my beamish), autonomist (my mr. dipippo), at long range (my warren), always on watch (my aow) and eventually at the beak speaks (my beak). some people may say i'm a little possessive and frankly, i don't get it.

and really, who WOULDN'T be impressed with your knowledge of firearms and ballistics - even winchester'd be saying, "dayam, that warren knows his stuff!"

edit EDIT:
Warren- Shameless suckup!

Shameless sneak EDIT:
nanc - "this is no time to tell me you're vacuuming..."

Having took pity on this faceless, homeless waif and with the skill of the foremost plastic surgeons of the world, (and after a couple of aborted attempts), I constructed one of the most artistically magnificent avatars ever to grace the Internet.

nanc - "ahem? "one of the most artistically magnificent avatars"? best get your poop in a group, warren - my avatar is right up there with always on watch. perhaps you'd like to reword that?"

edit EDIT:
Warren-Surely you don't expect me to dis my own work, no favorites here!

After she ignored my masterpiece I twisted her arm bashfully declined to use it; I convinced her to try it for a while to see how it worked out.

nanc - "yeah, well sometimes it's all about the chase."

I came to know this homeless waif and again, took pity on her, and decided to take her into my Internet home.

nanc - "yeah, right! who snagged whom? is it time for "the man song"?"

Most of you know her from her shy comments and bashful, modest words. So keep in mind her delicate retiring personality, be gentle with her and we will get to know her better.

On with the interview:

Nanc, what should we know about you?

nanc - "first, i'm one of the Kings' kids. i will only capitalize when yelling or noting something of importance. there are no lengths i will not go for people i love and care about - having been described as a mother lion by a far left friend of mine. hey, somebody has to be their friend.

having been born into royalty, people have a hard time approaching me. yeah, even my sweet husband will come up to me and say, "babe, do people really come up to you?"

Have you always been conservative, were you somewhat of a "wild child" growing up?

nanc - "i have always been a wildly conservative person. as you may or may not know, my parents and most of my relatives are extreme, far left dhimmiwittedcrats. as for my immediate family - husband and children - they are happily rightminded. a quote from my mother, "HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO BE REPUBLICANS?" well, i don't. they figured it out on their own. this from the same woman when our son was a toddler and we had a huge fireplace, would say, "AREN'T YOU AFRAID HE'S GOING TO RUN INTO THE FIRE?" to which i replied, "well, mom, if he's stupid enough to get within four or five feet of THAT fire, then he deserves to get burned. would you run into THAT fire?"

there really are NO stupid questions, only stupid people who ask them or something like that."

You moved from the West Coast to the Heartland. What would you say was the biggest adjustment that you had to make?

nanc - "about $25,000+ per year less income, avocados year round, and good, quality citrus fruit - those are the biggest, yet easiest to overcome. really nothing to complain about. the heartland is the best place to be, well except for the chicks and tiggers..."

What is your biggest family thing, what do you and your family enjoy doing most as a group? (And have you ever tried a Hartz tea and flick collar?)

nanc - "as a group we love doing stand up comedy amongst ourselves, well, because mostly it's much easier than doing it sitting or lying down. we do attend church twice a week together and love to go swimming and fishing as the weather permits. when the weather DOESN'T permit, we watch "paint your wagon" and sing the score as each song comes on. it has been a prerequisite to hanging out with me for the last 25+ years - then, and only then, do i find out what a person is made of. we do shop together, but only as a support group. as for the critters, they wouldn't dare light on me - we warned the entawr state before we got here. that, and have invested a small fortune on bug dope for the immediate area. thank you for your concern."

So, "Paint Your Wagon" is your favorite movie, what are some of your other favorites and have you ever read a book, then seen the movie and been disappointed, or visa versa?

nanc - "we like serious movies like "kingpin" with woody harrelson and "what about bob" with bill murray, oh, and "young frankenstein". movies are nearly always disappointing when compared to the books. i've always loved stephen king and i don't believe you could make a movie that stands up to his books. one that came close was "the stand". "braveheart" is my ABSOLUTE favorite comedy."


Thank you Nanc.

Now I'm going to turn this post and questions over to our friends and the trolls we love to hate.

no longer homeless

do you mean to tell me that i've found a home? of course - if you look pitiful enough there is always someone who will pick you up, dry you off and take you home with them.

TA DA!!!

We have the NEW and IMPROVED, (insert drum roll here)


Nanc has graciously, (cough, cough), acceded to my veiled threat accepted my invitation, and is henceforth my co-conspirator in crime blogging!

I expect there will be a fight over which name comes first in the profile list. Luckily I can't change that!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Judas: A Saint for Our Seasons

Heads up from Instapundit.

Have you ever betrayed your promise?
Did you ever break a vow?
Have you traded love for money,
And are you happy now?

Did you kiss him in the garden,
And then abandon him to fate?
Is your final sin forgiven,
Or is it far too late?

WHEN IT COMES TO DISCOVERING new ways to cheapen the human soul, the "professional intellectuals" of our society have cornered the market. So it was last week when, timed carefully to cash in on the Easter holiday, the "serious" editors of National Geographic chose to release their gleanings from a sheaf of rags and call them "The Gospel of Judas."


Now our traitors to God and Country have found a sheaf of rags that "prove" that the greatest treason was really "all good;" that Judas was really the greatest friend Jesus ever had and was, with a kiss, doing him the greatest favor ever done.

Treason, done with the kiss of "my personal freedom," proves that you do not really hate your country, you love it. You are, in the final analysis, your country's best friend. In these "new" old tales about Jesus we read that Judas betrayed the Son of God because Jesus told him to do it. Really? Or did his betrayal come, not from any request that may or may not have been made, but from humanity's persistant lust to sin freely and without even the thin penalty of remorse? Was this final treason done because this sin had been secretly blessed by God, or for the sheer dark thrill of asserting the self at the expense of life in the light?


Monday, April 10, 2006


I know that you installed Firefox and you're still having trouble.

Can you email me at all?

Try composing the Email off line then logging in to send it. I sent you an Email after getting one from you, but I don't know if you got it. If you can't receive my Emails let me know and send me your street address and I'll reply by snail mail.

If you can get a Email to me.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Site Meter

I doubt that anyone has noticed, I installed Site Meter a few days ago.

I did it out of curiosity. I wondered who would look at my blog, that I didn't know, and why they were looking.

No longer than its been installed, I have found the information quite interesting but somewhat confusing.

I found out that Elijah has viewed the blog even if he is still unable to post. Elijah, take my advice and install Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox and your browser will quit crashing.

I found a view from Singapore from a search engine. But the search terms seem to give an impossibly high search rating for my blog based only on the last part of an Email address, (inside a linked article and similar to returning results for every Email address at a given domain). The search engine gave my blog a 4th place in the list even though the address was only listed one time.

A view from a robot spammer out of England that's pushing Viagra. Unable to get past word verification it moved on to another blog.

A view from a domain that I had noticed at Beaks right after he installed Site Meter and 167 and his minions were trolling around. Possibly no linkage, the domain is in the eastern US.

"Anum", seems to be using more sophisticated means of misdirection than a person that represents their self as "it" does would be capable of but not as slick as a pro.

Altogether quite interesting.

At least until it begins to bore me.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Double Suprise !! For Nanc :^P and Freedom Now