Saturday, November 11, 2006


one and all!




american crusader

steve harkonnen


my father (army, korean war)(deceased)

my stepfather (u.s.a.f., active during the fifties)(alive and kickin')

and of course to all those i've failed to remember and never knew, who stood the test in order that the free world is indeed free and remains so! G-d bless you and keep you all!

feel free to pay tribute to the vet of your choice here today or anyday.


The Merry Widow said...

My late- Army, as sole surviving son he wasn't sent to Vietnam
My Dad-USAF WWII, Korean, Cuban missle Crisis
My late's Dad-USAF, shot down over Ploestri, Rom. WWII
Several ancestors on both sides of the Civil War
My Uncle Stan- US Navy pilot


Gayle said...

Thank you, Nanc! :)

My husband, Retired Warrant Officer 3. Vietnam.

Our friend, Sgt. Denton. Died in Vietnam.

My partner, Old Soldier. Retired Warrant Officer 5. Vietnam.

Nanc, off topic. I'm going to post that comment you left at my place. I'll leave you a link. I'll put it up as an Update on the Rangel post.

nanc said...

thank you, gayle - i thought what mr. smith had to say was quite telling.

and give my thanks to all the veterans in your life!

Ben said...

Thanks to all who served,esp the 3 in my family, and shame on all the cowards who ran.

JINGOIST said...

Thank you gentleman one and all for your service to our country if you're now reading this. We are free because of you.

Special thanks to my dad Mike for his service in the Korean War. He's still one Hell of a man!

To my uncles Dave and Maury who saw combat in WWII in Europe and the Pacific islands. And the Dominican Republic fighting communist guerillas. But that never happened. :-)Both deceased, G-d bless and keep you both!

To my uncle Jerry who fought his way up the boot of Italy against the Nazis. He's still a prince of a guy.

Most of all to the young man who was laid to rest here in Jacksonville who was KIA in Afghanistan. The Westboro Baptists tried to disrupt his funeral. Patriots outnumbered those animals 50-1 and thanked the family for their sacrifice, while protecting the services.
Thanks a lot nanc!

nanc said...

morgan - one of the patriot guards used to post at fpm - went by the name of fredc i believe - a great guy also - i heard this morning on the news that most of the guys in the patriot guard motorcycle club were in the military. G-d keep them all as they honor our fallen across this great nation.

this is their link if anybody would like to give them a thanks:

they are the minutemen of our fallen soldiers and serve as escorts and pall bearers across the nation at a moment's notice. thanks for reminding me of them.

JINGOIST said...

Ya we signed up. They are a great bunch, but they insist on nonviolence, when all I want to do is bust some heads when these wackos show up with their "G-d hates fags" signs and "thank G-d for dead soldiers" crap.
I know, breathe in, breathe out.


lilfeathers2000 said...

Remembering All Our Vets
God Bless our Vets
One and All
Have a God
Blessed Weekend

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My paternal grandfather (3rd Armored Division, Signal Corps, Europe World War II)

My maternal grandfather (US Navy, submarine in the Pacific, engineer, World War II)

My great uncle (US Navy, submarine commander, Naval Intelligence, CIA, Cold War [retired 1990])

My uncle (US Army, Vietnam)

My oldest brother (US Navy, fire controlman, Desert Storm - currently serving)

My older brother (US Navy, nuclear machinist mate, Desert Storm - currently serving)

My buddy from high school (US Army, Special Forces, Desert Storm and Op: Iraqi Freedom)

My neighbor's son (US Marines, Iraq)

and anyone else I missed...

Thank you all for everything.

Kelly said...

To my scottish grandpa who served in the US Army air corp as an bomber navigator protecting the Florida Keys.

JINGOIST said...

I feel terrible that I forgot to mention my brother, Air Force Officer 1990-1996 and my sister, retired Army Major and Desert Storm veteran. She was also the base commander at Bremerhaven, Germany for three years. Don't ask what happened to me. :-)


nanc said...


dear Lord - what is wrong with me?
thank you kuhnkat.

morgan - fyi - batya at fpm had very kind words for you on the third article, veteran's day reference.

guess i needed a nap BEFORE i got up this morning!

The Merry Widow said...

Jingoist-You went into the Navy!
Nanc- A girls sleep over, you did need a nap, before you got up!


JINGOIST said...

Nanc thank you so much for that information! What a pickmeup that was. Just two hours ago I broke two damn toes watching the Gator's game as I was literally running to the fridge for a cold one! What an idiot! Someone must have moved the couch. :-) That was really nice.


Anonymous said...

My Father (there's tribute to him at the bottom of my blog)
WW ll Vet-USN: U.S.S.McIntyre.

My Uncle who was in the Battle of the Bulge.

My other Uncle who was stationed in the Pacific theater on a PT boat.

My brother who was in the Vietnam war; The Microwave Division.

My nephew; who just joined the Marines this past summer. He wants to be a sniperman.
Semper Fi!

nanc said...

morgan-morgan-morgan-i've been saying it year after year - FOOTBALL is a dangerous sport! now, you know what i'm talking about...

nanc said...

ftgf - funny how we ALL know or have known someone who has served - six degrees of separation is not all that strange if you think about it.

thank G-d for our military!

JINGOIST said...

FTGF why'd were they called the microwave division? Were they intel guys with tall antennas? My interest is piqued.


nanc said...

morgan - perhaps they did everything ten times faster?!?

i'd recommend you go ask him at his site and report back here!

nanc said...

i recommend everyone visiting go to ftgf's site and see the powerful tribute to our veterans he has made. good job.

JINGOIST said...

Beamish do either of your brothers know a Senior or Master Chief Nuke Machinists Mate named Klaus? It's a small community and he was my boot camp company commander in San Diego. What a kick ass guy he was! I was the RLPO and there's a chance he would know me. We were a drill company and become quite adept at airplane push-ups! LOL!


Freedomnow said...

I second that...


Even Kuhnkat!

Haa haa haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nanc said...

ELBRO? if you stop by - comments are not working at your blog - either that or you've finally succeeded in banning me...

Anonymous said...

Yes that's true nanc.
We need the WW ll mentality today.
I just wanted you to know i enabled comment mod at my blog, your comment is posted now.
Thanks for stopping by!

nanc said...

soooooo, it is you ftgf, who have banned me from elbro's?


there is honestly no reason to thank me, ftgf - i've barely saved face in the last fifty years...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes morgan! It was a communication and radar detection division. Back then microwave technologies were just begining to be used and developed. It was highly classified.
My brother went on to be a Chemical Engineer.

Anonymous said...

yeah right nanc, lol

JINGOIST said...

That's what I thought. Thanks for telling me about it.


nanc said...

morgan - if you come back - batya is trying to post here, but had some trouble it seems - cannot understand that as she posted here before.

nanc said...

p.s. and another thing - your stubborn friend, johnnymac, has me lmho at fpm veteran's day article - go see all the comments and you'll see what i'm talking about - he is focused - i'll give him that!

JINGOIST said...

Nanc that's understandable believe it or not. I had to add you and DONAL and the whole gang to my "favorites" bar at the top of my screen because it was miserable to google to your sites. Even now MZ's site takes forever to come up and Brookes comments are next to impossible for me to get on. Which is a shame because she's very talented and interesting as you know. Jm has told me about this.


nanc said...

morgan - do you scan disk and defrag on a regular basis? sometimes that helps, especially if you have a teenager in the house. also reset your internet options history to one day instead of the standard. you can also keep your internet files cleaned out there. i've had my own p.c. problems in the last few months, but have hopefully rectified them by taking these actions along with others.

i've put my order in for a new p.c. - i want a mac! but they're quite spendy and i'm not.

you're right on with brooke - probably one of the very best small blogs out in the www - she could be a michelle malkin one of these days if she keeps it up. and aow, of course.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


It is indeed a small community. I'll have to ask him next time I holler at him. He's in San Diego now.


If you get a Mac I get to tease you about owning a Crapple.

RoxieAmerica said...

Those we send to fight
Because we believe it is right
We should respect enough to them allow to win
Anything less is a tragic sin

If we pledge to save a nation
We should turn and leave them them to face damnation
If we pledge to bring liberty
We should never accept anything but Victory.

American Crusader said...

Thank you for this post.
It is an extremely nice gesture.
My Grandfather and my uncle fought in World War II.
My uncle was a pilot on the Burma Road. He has GREAT war stories.
My father fought in Vietnam and is a retired colonel.
I got a lot of grief when I joined the Coast Guard instead of the Army but it was something I had wanted to do since I was a kid. If it had been a time of war I might have done differently.
Gayle..your husband was a warrant officer?
The electronic shop I worked at in Miami was run by a warrant officer.
They are known for being no nonsense tough professionals.

Elmer's Brother said...

to my late father - US Army served in Germany during the Berlin Crisis

my grandfather - served in both the Atlantic and Pacific during WWII...USS Thorn and USS Springfield

My brothers were both in the USN...STG2 diver and personellman

My sisters father in law - passed away in a motorcycle accident last year...USN Vietnam war veteran...Aviation Ordnanceman

my uncle - USN Corpsman

nanc didn't you serve?

I will check into my comments...Brooke was able to comment

Elmer's Brother said...

one of my good friends lost their son in Iraq last year

Jeremiah Robinson...son of Amy and Burt

nanc said...

no, i didn't serve.

i was in administrative end of law enforcement.

Elmer's Brother said...

nanc OT sorry I think I fixed the comments can you try it to see if it works

tazzmax said...

Nanc, that was a good patriotic post.

My two older brothers, myself and my oldest sister were all in the Marines.
My 3 kids are all vets also,.. my son and oldest daughter,....A.F., youngest daughter, Army.
The oldest daughter retired with 21 years.

So, we all honor the military.

nanc said...

thanks elbro! i thought perhaps i said something to offend you...

nanc said...

i remember you telling me about your daughter, tazz and to you:


long time - no see.

so when will we see your smiling face in arkansas again?

Warren said...

Better late than never...

I managed to sleep all day.

To all those who have served, especially those np longer with us and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

nanc said...

warren said:

"I managed to sleep all day."

nanc said:

"no wonder you look so purty!"

Elmer's Brother said... were kidding right? I mean you'd have to work a lot harder than that to offend me...

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have served my country but what Warren those who have paid the ultimate...

we owe you a debt

nanc said...

elbro said:

"I mean you'd have to work a lot harder than that to offend me..."

so now you're calling me incapable?!?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great post nanc.

Thankyou, all who served and all who support America's veterans!

Always On Watch said...

As usual, I'm late. Ugh!

Thank you to my late Uncle Bill and my late Uncle Walter, who served in WWI. The wounds they sustained were permanently disabling.

Thank you to my late cousins Claude, Kenneth, and Osborn--all of whom served on the front lines in WWII.

Thank you to all the vets at my local VFW.

Thank you to my husband, who served stateside during the Vietnam War. The Army gave him his tour of duty in this area. The result: We got married!

Always On Watch said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Always On Watch said...

Blogger burped and doubleposted my comment, so I deleted the duplicate.

Brooke said...

Thank you to all of our Vets, past, present and future!

tazzmax said...

Nanc, still planning to move to Ar., but it's going to take some time.

The Merry Widow said...

Tazz is planning on moving to AR too? KEWL! We'll have a good old time!
Thank you all vets!


nanc said...

tazz is from here - and his brilliant son and daughter-in-law live here. he and his son are musicians.

Elmer's Brother said...

nanc said

so now you're calling me incapable?!?

Okay you're incapable.

Anonymous said...

Hello nanc,I've finally made it over to your blog,howdy! In honor of our vets I'd like to honor the memory of my late-father-in-law,Jack Scharffenbegger,4th. Marine Division(WW2) He saw action on the island of Saipan Tinnian and Iwo Jima. He was wounded on Iwo and made out of there alive,and also,the only surviving uncle of my childhood,my uncle Fred,who served with the 84th. Infantry Div. (WW2) he was wounded during The Battle of the Bulge(Dec.44 Jan.45)as well as my late grandfather John McDonald,(WW1,U.S. Army) he also was lucky to make it home. Remember folks,without the Brave;there is no Land of the Free. Johnnymac

FLORIAN said...

Hear Hear! (lifting a glass of Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat American brewed Beer). God Bless each and every one of our Great Veterans!

nanc said...

so true, j.m. thank you for finally making it over here!

thank you too, flo - that was a long date i'd say - don't wear your honeymoon out before you tie the knot!