Friday, September 01, 2006


each day i pore through articles from about twenty magazines and newspapers on the internet. we have several monthly subscriptions coming to our home. however, there is only one FREE magazine we receive that i read from cover to cover each month, "the levitt letter" and you may link to it here.

the excellent article by stuart arden i'm referencing can be found on pages 24 and 25. here is an excerpt from the article you will find interesting:

"Arab history books clearly state that they conquered
“Palestine” from the Byzantines in the 7th century C.E.,
and that’s the fact and the countering argument to this
is fabrication. Practically every Arab village of today
bears a “corrupted” version of the Hebrew (or Aramaic)
village-name of the previous (Jewish!) inhabitants that
had been forced out by the Arab invaders: Anata is Anatot
(the village of the prophet Jeremiah), Batir is Baytar (the
village of Shimon Bar Kochba), even Ramallah, today’s
defacto “capital,” of this fictitious “people” is Ramah
(the village of the prophet Samuel) etc., positive proof
of what was really going on in the Holy Land.

Finally, there is no letter “P” in the Arabic alphabet; ask
an Arab studying computers what his subject is, and he’ll
say “combuters.” How about a little Shakesbeare? Hamlet
was a brince and he lived in a balace and blayed with
other children. Does it make sense that “a people” would
name “their” country with a letter that doesn’t even exist
in their own alphabet?! The reason is obvious. They don’t
call themselves Falas-tinians because they know they’re
a fallacy!"

the aforementioned article was originally printed at this link.

if you don't receive "the levitt letter" you are missing out on one of the finest free periodicals out there.


kuhnkat said...

nanc said:

"Does it make sense that “a people” would name “their” country with a letter that doesn’t even exist
in their own alphabet"

Shouldn't that have been, a beople, and an albhabet??

So let's send those Balestinians to the navy. We can use them to keep our boats from capsizing!!


nanc said...

i didn't say it, kuhnkat, the author of the article said it - i was just quoting him.

i've read other articles in the levitt letter linked that state what liars the muzzies are. it is really one of the best sources for the days we live in.

your idea, however, is an excellent one!

bunch of beckerheads they are, anyway!

Always On Watch said...

When I get back from vacation, I'm going to subscribe to the Levitt Letter.

I refer to "Palestinians" as Pseudostinians or Psychostinians. In that group I'm referring to Muzzies, of course.

nanc said...

you can also order 50 of their previous magazines (assorted months) and they'll send them to you and you can put them out at various locations - waiting rooms, laundromats, etc.

this magazine is 32 pages chock full of great articles.

f.y.i. - for anybody interested, tbn ministries has cancelled zola's show because it's not arab friendly - oy vey...they cancelled hal lindsey at the beginning of the year also for much the same reason.

for more on the "user friendly" church:

proctor does NOT pull any punches with today's church.

z said...

I like "balestinians" and all that evokes!

I also LOVE Dennis Miller's term for Palesitinians "Adjacent Jew Haters" How appropriate!

nanc....clicked through the PTL Christian TV channel the other day and was pretty sure I caught a Muslim praying there......didn't stick around to see what came next.......yes, Hal LIndsay was knocked off.........they've become apologists and should be ashamed, but they must have been paid. An evangelist I know, Bill Keller out of Florida who has a great daily email devotion, told me that the 'Christians' on those shows, which he participated in a few times, would stand in the wings saying "Get out there and get the money!" It was awful.......who knows, if Muslims suck up to them enough about their peaceful religion and pay enough, I'm thinking we'll lose Christian TV just about as quickly as we've apparently lost FOX when the Saudi Prince bought into it. Anybody know if that's absolutely true? Sure seems like it. FOX's numbers are down and I'm thinking it's because Conservatives aren't turning from conservatism, just looking for a conservative TV venue again!?

anyc comments?

The Merry Widow said...

I like the term "paloswinians" myself! And the Romans renamed Israel and Judea,Palestine after the Philistines! And who were some of the worst enemies of Israel from the start? Philistines! Adding insult to injury!


Brooke said...

I like the term "Radioactive ash remains of former terrorists". Any chance on that happening?

Warren said...

A Saudi owns about 18% of FNC stock, here is a link

I think that people are turning more to the Internet for their news, at least those that are interested.

Most Americans are apathethic and blistfully unaware.

Vernon Kevin said...

That's pretty funny Kuhkat, I'll bet you're fun to meet and be with.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

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"Vernon Kevin" is another Blightminded sock puppet.

Dude, seriously. Get over yourself.

Elmer's Brother said...

Personally I can't watch for the Philistines...Wasn't Goliath a Philistine? Look what happened to him.

The Merry Widow said...

I can't either, EB! They struck me as something phony about them, too polished, too "worldly"...something. When Hal Lindsey was booted off, for telling the truth about mohammadins, I was totally turned off. It was all about how wonderful and how influential they were!
Yes, Goliath was a philistine and the city of Gash was one of the 5 philistine cities. Ashkelon was also one.

MissingLink said...

Wasn't Goliath a Philistine
In fact Philistines were non semitic invaders in this region,who also tried invadin Egypt (Sea People).

MissingLink said...

I couldn't comment for a few hours.
It seems to be OK now.

JINGOIST said...

VERY well said nanc! This Levitt letter eminds me of Dave Horowitz's Big Lies pamphlet. Good post about a people who continue to strap bombs on their own children. Animals!


nanc said...

beamish - i hate those little sock puppets! they must go!

nanc said...

elbro and tmw - jan crouch, who is a co-owner of tbn believes christians will clean up the world before the Messiah comes back - it's some thousand year thing - cannot remember the name, but the pink hair and straw broom eyelashes tell me all i need to know!

nanc said...

i don't know what was wrong, linkster, but it seems we're back up and running.

nanc said...

warren - morgan and i had a conversation about this saudi buying part of fox news last year at fpm - we need to be very aware of how they're bound to start kissing saudi butt.

to think we've relied on fox news for so much truth!

nanc said...

morgan - i'm glad to see you, a jew, appreciate the levitt letter. there is not a more honest magazine out there in favor of israel - and they don't apologize for being slanted!

nanc said...

zin - almost didn't see you there! i cannot stomach tbn anymore - about the only worthwhile thing on tbn is the sunday night movie. we are going to up our contributions to zola and i will let them know about it, just as i did when hal lindsey was cancelled for not burying his head in moozie butt.

we have skyangel at our home and cable here and i miss my skyangel everyday we're not home. it was nice to go home and have good faith based programming 24/7. i'll probably move it over here this winter or get a system for this place.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc, Those are amillenialists, or followers of Kingdom Now. They tend to overlap! Lies are lies and if you believe a are open to the Father of Lies! The Great Apostacy of IIPeter 2 is occurring around us! Full of itching ears who feed their bellies(appetites)! It is happening in churches all over! It happened at my old one, it happened at yours. Doctrine of Demons, no surprise, just great sadness! The Christians who follow Jesus wholeheartedly aren't deceived, but it is hard to see so many who are! We are getting down to it, what's real and what's false! It looks like the former associate pastor is going to start a new fellowship, anywhere from 20-40 people are gathering at least once a week, and the fellowship is sweet! But we still pray with weeping for those who are blind.
Zola Levitt spoke the truth, may his heritage continue!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


nanc said...

thanks tmw! they are also called "dominionists" if i'm not mistaken.

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc- Nope, you're not. But whatever it calls itself it is still Doctrine ofDemons, comes from the Pit and smells like smoke!


Mad Zionist said...

Just call them vermin.

Zelda said...

I refer to them as palewhinians with a lower case p.

jay said...

Hope those bastards dont hurt the Bobe

nanc said...

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh - jay - that was berfect!