Monday, July 05, 2010

The finished product

The long promised pictures of the finished Cobra.

I live in fear he will want to change colors...

Or have a wreck...

After the paint job came several hours of color sanding (wet sanding) to remove orange peel and give the surface a flat glassy surface.

Then buffing with a cloth pad and final buffing compound.

The last step involved a foam pad and machine glaze, a type of super fine polishing compound.

The Cobra has won "Best of Class" at a local car show. My friend believes it would have won best of show with a little more attention to the shock absorbers and some other suspension parts that could have had their looks improved with a little paint and polish.


Brooke said...

That is PRETTY!

Z said...

WOW, that is a beautiful job!
I'm sending this link to my stepson who's a car fanatic and does body work; but nothing THIS HOT!
Way to go, Warren, thanks so much for publishing the pictures !!

beamish said...


Always On Watch said...


And what a color! Years ago, I had a Chrysler 5th Avenue of a similar color. Talk about a flashy car.

Will show Mr. AOW the larger images you sent me via email.

Elmers Brother said...

that's beautiful Warren

Warren said...

Thank you everyone.

It is a thing of beauty but I don't believe that I would ever do that much work for myself.

After I finished the owner said, "Knowing what I know now, I would have refused the car when it came and made them send me another one."

The body was horribly rough with uneven molding lines and terrible fitting doors, hood and trunk lid.

On an aside, I used a transit laser to lay out the stripes over the curved and rounded body lines.

Always On Watch said...

If the Mustang can be restored to running, I should have you paint the Mustang. **wink**

Warren said...

Well... OK, but you'll have to pay for a new roller!

Speedy G said...

Your Kandyapple looks like it's got a hint of copper in it... a very sweet color. Love it!

Warren said...

The Kandyapple is almost Transparent. The base-coat was argent silver metallic What you see is light reflected from the silver underneath. I have used brickyard red metallic, which is a gold metallic, but the highlights are more subdued and darker.

It really did come out good.

I went so far as to paint a whole door, which we didn't use because of a defect. We tried the door under artificial light and natural light from different angles to see how it would look.

But sometimes I miss talking about torpedoes.