Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bazillions of people will go hungry tonight!

I knew we had an illegal alien problem but I didn't know it was this bad!

"Looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will say anything to get support for President Obama's $900 billion stimulus package.

Pelosi publicly stated that "every month that we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their jobs."



Brooke said...

Dayam. Are we all unemployed yet?

Moron, indeed!

Anonymous said...

The bigger the package gets, the less support it garners from the public... and this one's losing support fast!

Always On Watch said...

The leftist drumbeat of negativity.

And it's doing damage to our economy too. Even the WaPo had a story admitting so, in the Business section. See THIS.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many zeroes there are in a brajigglion...

Warren said...

I don't know Farmer.

A googolplex is 1 followed by a googol of zeros and I think its larger than that!


Patrician Patriot said...

Dims can't do high math ....(IE their Taxes) ... so how do you expect them to get numbers right?

Warren said...

"so how do you expect them to get numbers right?"

Take off their shoes?


Anonymous said...

That's twice as close as before!

Anonymous said...

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Z said...

Don't you wish Pelosi came from another country and we could somehow give her illegal status and kick her OUT?

Oh, that's right...we don't kick out illegals. Drat.

On the other hand, THE ONE says she's his "rock".....anybody got a chisel?

FJ....I don't think it matters how much of the public wants this or doesn't......the one's got the pen. And we've got lily livered flunkies for our representatives...geeeZ

Jungle Mom said...

Thankfully, my son found a job this month!

Jeff Bargholz said...


Pelosi was probably citing the number of voters registered as Democrats. I hear they added a few to the roster for the elections.

Anyway, what do jobs have to do with economic recovery, and how is a spending bill (excuse me..."package") going to stimulate anything but graft?

Hello to you and Nanc, Merry Widow and Always on Watch. It's good to see you're all still going strong.

Warren said...

Jeff, are you doing any blogging?

I'm afraid that if the congress critters get their way I'll be wearing a babushka, sweeping streets and standing in line for my bread ration.

kuhnkat said...

Shame Warren, picking on the mentally impaired.

Pelosi is NOT A MORON.

Just because she has injected all that BOTOX so close to her brain for so long...


Warren said...

My grandmother always told me that it wasn't kind to mock the afflicted... When did the House become a sheltered work environment for the mentally impaired?

kuhnkat said...


"When did the House become a sheltered work environment for the mentally impaired?"

Sometime shortly after the first elections??

Definitely by the late 1800's.