Thursday, August 31, 2006

"oh boo" moment #4

here awhile back while on the observation deck - remember your suthun - could've been an hour ago or last week - a last minute trek to the grocery before a storm hit i was put face to face with a guy who had a t-shirt on which boldly declared "CHICK MAGNET"!

while he was pretty enough, i must first apologize to warren for that time i called him a "CHICK MAGNET". i'm sorry, warren.

as i checked this guy out for what was so magnetizing, starting at head level and working my way down...okay, okay - so he had lovely, thick, dirty blond, curly hair - big blue eyes that looked as though you could dive into them and then came the obnoxious t-shirt. all of a sudden he went metro-sexual on me - his culottes were far cuter than my shorts! that's it for him!

did i stop there? no, i did not. my first thought was, "what kind of shoes would i wear with those culottes?" ahhhhhh, yes - the little black satin slides!

back to what i perceive as reality - he was wearing a very ratty pair of flip-flops - and at this point it really didn't matter what color they were as i was so angry and don't quite know what kept me from tripping him right there at the cash register other than the fact his toenails were painted a lovely salmon red, while my own are painted a drab mauve.

mentally scratching my head and forgetting why i was there, i wondered if i am the only person to whom these things happen in the space of seven and a half seconds?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The French Disease, (no the other one, silly!)

One of the things that urks me is the reliance on French style diplomacy that seems to be the "norm" in International politics.

I have always seen it as endless chatter that seeks only to further bureaucratic process with no teeth. In other words, meaningless.

With doublespeaking France, honor gets lost in translation
By Jules Crittenden
Boston Herald City Editor
Sunday, August 20, 2006

French is the traditional language of diplomacy. Diplomacy is the art of saying one thing while doing another.
In recent weeks, France stepped forward to act as a broker of peace in Lebanon. "Act" is the key verb in that last sentence, as it now would seem that the only other verifiable part of the sentence is "in recent weeks."
To correctly parse that sentence, one must understand that when France suggested it wanted to broker peace in Lebanon, it did not necessarily mean "broker" or "peace" or "Lebanon" in the way we might understand those words. The same is true when France further suggested it wanted to "lead" a "strong" "multinational" "force" there.
I don't speak French, so I have no idea what the actual French words are for those concepts or what possible nuances there may be. I've been relying on news reports in English, which now inform me that the French do not intend to send any significant number of troops to what is supposed to be a force of 15,000 in Lebanon, like everyone thought they said they would.
The heady moment of peace brokering having passed, uponsober reflection, the French now say they already have a general and some staff in south Lebanon ordering about UNIFIL, the U.N. monitoring entity there. That's plenty of leadership, the French suggested: All France needs to contribute now is another 200 combat engineers.
In tactical terms, when it comes to securing a Middle East conflict zone, that can be referred to as "squat."
The United Nations, which is trying to salvage what is left of its own self-respect after the utter failure of UNIFIL in Lebanon, is now publicly begging European nations to contribute troops.
To find the last plain-speaking French leader, it is necessary to go back to Napoleon Bonaparte. He said he was going to take over Europe, and proceeded to do so. No, scratch that. He said he was going to bring French liberty and equality to Europe, then crowned himself emperor. Subsequent French history offers us a sordid string of third world colonizations followed by bloody wars to hang on long after the time to relinquish colonies had passed, setting the stage for corrupt government and prolonged conflict in places like Vietnam.
More recently, we've seen the naked hypocrisy of Dominic de Villepin in the United Nations, braying about his humanitarian concerns for the Iraqi people, while trying to ensure mass murderer Saddam Hussein remained in power to honor his French contracts.
The shamelessness of France knows no bounds. They have a domestic Arabic population and business interests in the Mideast to satisfy. They desperately want to be taken seriously as a major power. So they sat down with the United States and hammered out a peace plan. Then, before the ink was dry, they shrugged a Gallic shrug.
I wish I could be charitable here and find some good excuses for the French. Ernest Hemingway, who had a soft spot for them, used to like to say, "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk." But Hemingway, unlike the French, had a sense of honor.
French was once the lingua franca, back when men wore powdered wigs and France was a power to be reckoned with. None of those things are true now. French has been replaced by English as the language of foreign policy, business, tourism, the Internet and just about everything else.
If we, those of us who enjoy conducting business in English rather than say, Chinese or Arabic, want it to stay that way, I'd suggest step one is that we should continue to state clearly our intentions and do what we say we aregoing to do. Even when the world doesn't necessarily like what we are saying.
That is our French lesson for the day.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Word From the West Coast

Although it hasn't received much attention in the MSM, (certainly not the same attention that a bunch of "Blame America First" nitwits would get). Nicole Kidman took out a full-page ad that ran in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. Here it is, (in the below link), with the endorsements of 83 other Hollywood types.

Its too large to post on this blog and remain legible so I've posted it as a linked JPG file.

Three cheers for these people and thank you for showing us that not every name in the entertainment industry is a moron!

Take a look at the names, I found a few surprises.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

and in this corner

i give you the "not for the squeamish" beamish.

and on the floor over here in a putty-butt puddle of grapes he slipped in whilst making his whine, i give you "frightminded" scared of his own shadow he won't even leave the house.

have at it gentle man and a blowhard!

please stay tuned for a blow by blow account.

Friday, August 11, 2006

whoever you are

i give. for the time being. going into investigation mode. done with you and please DO NOT try to contact me again because i won't be there.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More on Green Helmet

Lights! Cameras! Action

By the way.

Juan Mancha de Mierda, (john brown stain), ask me in a deleted post; "Who's the bigger liar: Muslims or your hero, MafiaDon Rumsfeld?"

I will deign to answer that question.

Juan, you are by far a bigger liar than either one!

Lies infest your posts like maggots on a week old rotting corpse. Your life is a lie and your ideology is a patchwork of small lies and greater lies covered with more lies to hide them.

You know you are a liar, everyone knows you're a liar, but you have lied so long that you believe some of them. I would say that you are a greater liar than the Islamo-fascists that you love so well, but I've noticed that you have mentioned your religion several times, pointedly refusing to say what it is. So you might very well be a Muslim convert. Lord knows, you know little enough about the Quran or what it says to actually be a typical Muslim fascist.

God bless Donald Rumsfeld and give you that which you so richly deserve.

Monday, August 07, 2006

All the "News" that's Unfit to Print

I guess that by now, every person that owns a computer is aware of the Reuters controversy. If not you can get a glimpse HERE at the EU Referendum blog.

Its said, ad nasum, that truth is the first casualty of war.

That being said, we expect it from propagandists but we should not have to put up with it from supposedly "neutral" sources.

This poses the rhetorical question; isn't a "news agency" acting as the agent of the enemy when it willfully publishes enemy propaganda? And make no mistake about it, Hezbolla is our sworn enemy and second only to Al Qaeda in the deaths of American citizens.

Now a very real question, Why aren't these people treated as enemy agents and collaborators by the governments of The UK and USA?

The MSM has become a showplace for a never ending stream of Islamo-fascist propaganda in the guise of reporting the "news". Staged events and pictures make the headlines and it seems as though the editors of these purveyors of lies are unaware of what's going on.

Well, EXCUSE ME! I'm not buying it for a minute. The main stream news rags have as much to do with truth as john browns blog. In fact, there is very little difference. They have become so used to unquestioned belief that Reuters even publishes an obviously photoshoped picture and expects us to lap it up, then acts indignant when called on it.

Other doctored photos are popping up now but the real question is, how many other photos have been doctored in a more professional manner, how many staged events are offered as spontaneous events, how much of their "news", is just a load of crap?

When the Abu Grabe photos were originally "leaked", they were bundled with other photos purportedly showing US servicemen raping an Iraqi woman. (That was before I started this blog.) Those photos turned out to be from a Canadian porn site. I was one of the first to point out they were fakes and other people ran with the story.

The "soldiers" carried no weapons, wore black tennis shoes, their "uniforms" were actually Realtree camouflaged hunters garb (not even desert camo), no rank, unit insignia, or name tags or even places where they had been removed. I enlarged the pictures and placed the examples next to real US uniforms. Even with those examples, some people refused to believe that they weren't real.

I have no doubt that those photos would have been included with the naked twister pics if they hadn't been thoroughly squashed beforehand.

As some of you know, I have some small skills in image manipulation. To me, the image is so obviously "shoped", I don't know how any editor could believe it wasn't, even with just a cursory glance.

If that's all the better that Reuters can do in their photo propaganda department, maybe they should hire me!

Friday, August 04, 2006

i kid you not


last night, 08/03/06.

nancpop blessing the meal.

"dear God, thank you for providing and bless the hands that made this meal. Lord, please bless israel and bring peace to jerusalem - bless all those who don't have it as well as we do. God, help us to stay close to You. and Lord, while you're at it, please wipe all those [expletive] muslims off the face of the earth. thank You. we offer You this prayer in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. amen."

and then we ate in peace knowing that we serve THE good God and that He will answer our prayers.