Thursday, August 17, 2006

Word From the West Coast

Although it hasn't received much attention in the MSM, (certainly not the same attention that a bunch of "Blame America First" nitwits would get). Nicole Kidman took out a full-page ad that ran in the Los Angeles Times, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. Here it is, (in the below link), with the endorsements of 83 other Hollywood types.

Its too large to post on this blog and remain legible so I've posted it as a linked JPG file.

Three cheers for these people and thank you for showing us that not every name in the entertainment industry is a moron!

Take a look at the names, I found a few surprises.



nanc said...

this is great news, warren!

i'll be out spreading the word - as tmw would say, "good on you"!

Mad Zionist said...

Great find! Always loved DeVito, but the surprise of them all to me was that Sean Penn didn't sign.

Warren said...

"Great find! Always loved DeVito, but the surprise of them all to me was that Sean Penn didn't sign."


Undoubtedly, he dsidn't sign because he is illiterate as well as unintelligible!

Michael Douglas surprises me and Nicole Kidman organizing it is a total shock.

Rightminded said...

Keep reading my comments, and paying attention to the RNC news flashes, and you will make something out of yourself Wareen, like the other novice Bloggers.

Save your breathe nanc, I ain't taking nuttin' back--Delete away.

The Merry Widow said...

And here I am to say, "GOOD ON THEM!" This was a rather bold step, some of the signers didn't surprise me, I know Gary Sinese, Bruce Willis, and the "Italian Stallion" were conservatives in a leftista town, but this is very good!
Thanks Warren!
Thanks also(again) for helping my son! When you all start hearing from PhoenixFire, that's my boy!
Good morning,G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Nanc & Warren,
Thanks so much for posting this list. My best friend, who lives in Texas, was looking for it.

Quite a few pleasant surprises here.

cube said...

Yes, it is very refreshing to see.

eyesallaround said...

Maybe there's hope for Hollywood afterall... Now lets see if they can make some good movies!!! Anyone read Joel Rosenberg's books? They would make ++ good movies...

Looks like the Mooselims are up to no good today (as always)...

eyesallaround said...

Nanc, Are you using dial-up? Girl! You need DSL or cable! Fiber optic is on the way....

Mr. Ducky said...

I've generally enjoyed Gary Sinese, I sorry to find out he's a Fascist.

Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone? Boy there's a pair of bookends.

When did William Friedkin last make a film?

Bit of a loser list isn't it?

Mr. Ducky said...

nanc must be all a twitter that Pat Sajak signed. Wow, that is some list.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Thank you, Ducky, for the Hezbollah view.

Always On Watch said...

Sajak Says might pleasantly surprise you.

Anonymous said...

Since this is a good news post, here is some more.

I recently ran across numbers suggesting this but these guys have a lot solider information!!!

Iraq is working exactly as it was supposed to. Attracting the Jihadis to DIE!!!

Hey Little Che Sucky Chucklenuts, you and John Brown Stain can REALLY whine about body counts NOW!!


FLORIAN said...

Didn't Ducky participate in that Pro-Hezzie rally in Taxachussetts where they humiliated and taunted an American Jew for just passing by?

Nanc: Nice article but where have you been? I've missed you over at my blog. Did I become too extreme?

Warren said...

Ducky, haven't you ever heard that sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think you are an idiot that to open it and remove all doubt?

Speaking of losers, have you did any work lately?

Maybe the JOOOOOs put out the word on you.

Brooke said...

Hoody Frickin' Hoo! This is great! I just hope the rest of those Hollywood anti-semites don't blackball these brave men and women!

Ducky, Gary Sinese has been a long-time public supporter of the war effort! Where have you been?

I notice Mel isn't on the list. *snicker* *heh, heh*

Warren said...

Rightminded said...

"Keep reading my comments, and paying attention to the RNC news flashes, and you will make something out of yourself Wareen, like the other novice Bloggers."


Anonymous said...


ya gotta admit Little Che Sucky Chucklenuts the Cowardly Liar is consistent. Instead of commenting on the actual statement, or the backgrounds of the signees which would suggest they did or did not have the intelligence to know what they were signing, he concentrated on what HE is capable of, FILM CRITIQUE!!!

Any one of this community seeing the LEFTIES signing something in support or their idiotic policies would have been capping on their lack of INTELLIGENCE, not their FILM TALENT!!!


Rightminded said...

Wareen said,


Well, you weren't that tired when you stole the idea for your latest post from one of my comments.

And Kuhnkat, I could care less about a hat tip, I just like exposing, uncreative, idea, stealing hacks.

Creativity is a rare commodity indeed!

Warren said...

Rightminded said:
"Well, you weren't that tired when you stole the idea for your latest post from one of my comments.

Well numbnuts, do you want to take credit for anything else while your at it?

Maybe the Bill of Rights or gravity or something?

I heard about this on the radio while I was at work yesterday then spent the better part of an hour looking for a link after I got home. Then I copied a JPG image large enough to read and uploaded it to my image server.

You didn't have anything to do with it!

You're skating on thin ice and if I had gotten the idea from you, you would have got the credit!

You see the Troll Abortion sidebar?
I did the artwork, code and image manipulation, Beakerkin got the credit for the idea.

Anonymous said...


RightBehinded is on a roll. He has accused me, Kuhnkat, OrangeDucks, and now YOU of plagiarising his posts and ideas!!!!

Give him another week and he should have accused everyone by Mr. BTIP of plagiarism.

Unfortunately for the Libelous whiny old man, he has produced one example of MY alledged Plagiarisms! He claims I got the phrase "Grand Pubah" form HIM!!


Warren said...

I have always said that Ducky has an obsession with the cinema. It pisses him off, (and that's a good thing), but its true.

He says that I have an obsession with guns.

The difference is that I have a life and he has... the cinema.


Warren said...

If I remember right, "Grand Pubah" was from the Flintstones.

That's what we call my boss behind his back.


Anonymous said...


the difference is you can threaten an IslamoNazi with a movie, but, I'll stick with the gun!!


Always On Watch said...

What an amusing thread! Gotta have the lighter moments. LOL.

Always On Watch said...

The West Coast is not always the Left Coast, huh?

Anonymous said...

What up warren!
LOL at your continuing jabs at Sean Penn...hilarious.
It deserves it's own site.
I back Israel as well, just keep it quiet, remember this is Canada, the nation of tree huggers and save the seals, whales, gun control,etc etc.

Warren said...

DUDE!! (Elijah),

Good to see you're out and about. You about ready to join us Fascist pigs and tools of the Jews, or are you just out slumin?

I just can't help myself when it comes to (anchors away) Sean Penn. When he didn't get that Oscar for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", it did something to him.

I was just getting ready to send you an Email, no lie!

Come home when you can, brother. We miss you.

beakerkin said...

Ducky is here now as well.

It seems that we have located John Brown's weakness. The spam has stopped and it took a few visits. Commies do not like Cold Warriors
but Liberterians would have created a stampede.

Warren said...

Ducky pops in for an occasional drive-by insult.

He goes into withdrawal if nobody obliges.

Your troll removal method was much more effective than mine!

Anonymous said...

Fascist pigs and tools of the Jews.
So thats what I am, I was looking for some clarity..anchors away..LOL [elijah}

Warren said...

Clarity is nice but I have seniority!


Always On Watch said...

Duck has been making extra rounds lately. I've seen him at several sites.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from an actor that use to smoke three packs of Marlboro's a day. I think i will search the longrange archives for that comment you made about Penn and his wee boat saving the suffering masses and print it and put it on the wall so I can laugh every day.
I guess after all the praise he was getting for mystic river etc he got a touch of megalomania,could be the steroids

Warren said...

Megalomania, is a common affliction in the entertainment industry.

For some reason, people that live their lives pretending they are someone else become confused about reality and who they really are.

Humm, imagine that.

Always On Watch said...

I sent you a missive. Hope I have the correct addy.

Elmer's Brother said...

Clarity is nice but I have seniority!

Dennis Prager often says this:

Clarity is preferable to agreement. I think often times (myself included) I try to win an argument rather than just settling for understanding where people are coming from. In this case it's good to see so many people from Hollywood who get it. As for Ducky and his ilk we understand where he's coming from.

Russet Shadows said...

Yeah, Ducky has been making the rest of us bloggers dirty by fluttering in and befouling the air with his insults and tragicomically shallow anal-ysis.

Ms.Green said...

Thanks for this Warren.

Dennis Hopper, James Woods, Go guys!

kuhnkat said...

Ben Sittin:

This is not a joke.

Today the French announced they would contribute 2000 troops to UNIFIL. The Italians told them to hurry up as they were still planning on leading the force!!


Always On Watch said...

This is not a joke.

The French as peacekeepers and/or a military force IS a joke, and one which endangers any real peace or true victory.

kuhnkat said...


You are absolutely right. I meant my post was not a joke!!