Friday, July 29, 2005

Always On Watch

Always On Watch, Id like to apologize.

I just realized that I haven't blogrolled your wonderful site.

I'm sorry, I thought I had.

I'm correcting that error now


Esther said...

You're always a gentleman, Warren. :)

drummaster2001 said...


i think you put in an extra "http://" in for AOW's link. i tried going to the site from the link and it showed 2 of those in the URL address bar.

Warren said...

Jeez, that's embarrassing!

Thank you DM, its fixed now.

drummaster2001 said...

stuff happens. it was not really a big deal.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the link and for the compliment. I've got you on my site as will.

unaha-closp said...


Thank you for the comments tip, on Mr Beamish's. Will remedy.

Anonymous said...

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drummaster2001 said...

i can't believe it. more junk mail. we already have a 'do not call list', do we need to put a 'do not disturb this website' list or a 'do not disturb this e-mail address'?