Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cat herding

Russet Shadows at Strange Fire has a post up on Affirmative Action.
To be any more successful, the government would have to engage in lunatic conspiracy actions; but there's no need for that when you've already poisoned the well.

The Beak is Spanking the Recidivist again. (Part 6)
Beak, isn't your arm getting tired?

Jason Pappas at Liberty and Culture says:
To keep religion out of government as many on the left demand, we need to take government out of education, welfare, the arts, and the humanities as some of us on the right demand.

Mr Beamish appears to be going to a Time Traveler's Convention.
So I guess we will see him yesterday... er... uh, next week or something.

The Drummaster is watching way too much TV.

Kajando is advocating a plan to ship illegals, directly to Canada from the border.

And our friend Elijah at BLAAG has noticed the silence in the MSM about the plight of non-white victims of oppression.


beakerkin said...

Actually I am planing on doing my first Satire in a Long time. The GOP crocodile hunter searches for
the dangerous URR. The dangerous Urban Red Redneck .

I have to go to ground zero

Warren said...

Do it Beak.

167 and his posse give me the uneasy feeling I usually receive from the neurotic on the edge of going into full blown psychosis.

Elijah said...

Who are the 167?

beakerkin said...

The Recidivist is a Jew Hater that
brags about his 167 IQ . We have caught him in so many flubs it is funny.

The best is when he swore that more Gay men are killed in the US then the total of murders in the UK. The total of gay bias related
murders in the US in 1963 was 6 according to the FBI. There were 150 murders in London alone.

Elijah said...

167!...I believe that was Newtons I.Q,

Elijah said...

167!...I believe that was Newtons I.Q,