Friday, July 30, 2004


My name is Warren and this is my first attempt at a blog. So bear with me as I struggle along and we will see where this goes.

People always tell me how they can't figure me out, (I'll admit it might seem that I'm a bundle of contradictions). It also tells me that someone is trying to pigeon hole me when they say it.

Philosophically I'm a libertarian, (small l), but I realize that not every need can be met with the private sector and that in practical terms liberty comes hand in hand with responsibility. Too many Libertarians do not recognize the need to temper their ideology with practicality. Each decision must be tempered in terms of practical limitation but still must not be fettered by the unreasonable fears held by statists.

I find myself allied with conservatives on most issues although I might come to the same conclusion from a different angle or use history as a reference point for my views.

Enough for now.


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Warren said...

Burried way back in my first post, July of 04. I just made the first comment on the blog!

Let me know when you get a copy.

If you get a copy! ;^)

2:44 PM my time CST I think CST or is it CDST???